Airport Baggage Fee


Where and when can I purchase Airport Baggage?

  • Only Budget Economy can purchase either a Prepaid Baggage or an Airport Baggage but never both.
  • Upon check-in, Airport Baggage will be offered to passengers who purchased the Budget EconomyFare and did not purchase the Prepaid Baggage
  • Budget Economy Passengers are allowed to purchase Airport Baggage only once.


How much is the Airport Baggage Fee?


Additional Baggage Allowance


(inclusive of 12% VAT)

Airbus A-320 / Wide bodied aircraft


PHP 700.00



PHP 700.00


For Passengers with a Budget Economy ticket without a Prepaid Baggage:

How will I be assessed if I have a 10kg check-in?

  • You will be offered an Airport Baggage for Php 700 for your 10Kg check-in Baggage

What if my check-in baggage is only 5kg.?

  • You will still have to pay for Airport Baggage Fee of PHP 700.00 for your check-in baggage.

How will I be assessed if I have a 17 Kg check-in?

  • You may be offered an Airport Baggage of Php 700 for the first 15 Kg for jet flights/ 10 Kg on Q

flights and charged with Excess Baggage Rate for the additional 2 Kg for jet flights/ 7 Kg for Q flights