Helpful Tips When Booking Online

Why am I getting slow response?


There are several connections involved in the booking process i.e. reservations system, booking engine, payment gateway, card processing center, and the bank authorization system. System response time may also be affected by the type of computer the customer is using and the speed of his/her internet service provider (ISP).

What should I do if I get a blank page? 


If you get a blank page while searching for a flight or entering the passenger details, close the browser and restart the transaction. You may also try clearing your cache. Please refer to your computer manual to do this. 


I encounter problems while booking flights online using Safari. Does this have anything to do with my internet browser?

The booking engine may not work if the browser's cookie handling does not allow site cookies and third-party cookies. 

After clicking the “Purchase” button, the page resulted to a blank screen and the payment process did not proceed. What setting should I change?


The PAL website requires browser to allow site cookies and third-party cookies for the booking process to work. Please click below on how to change your browser’s settings. 

After clicking the “Purchase” button, the screen did not return the confirmation page nor did the customer receive the confirmation email. Is my card charged? 

The credit/debitcard authorization process takes place after you click the “Purchase” button.

There is likelihood that your card is charged. To avoid unnecessary or duplicate charges, call your bank to verify if the credit/debit card is charged. You may also call or email PAL to check the status of your booking.



You must complete each of the booking steps within 10 minutes otherwise, session timeout occurs. If the web page remains inactive for a prolonged period of time, the booking engine closes the connection to the server to ensure that personal data is securely removed.

Payment timeout session occurs when the booking engine did not receive a reply from the payment gateway within the prescribed time limit.

My credit/debit card credit limit is sufficient to cover the amount of the ticket, why am I declined?


There are several reasons why card authorization fails. Insufficient fund, broken link between the payment gateway and the bank,  card issuer is down are some of the common reasons. If the bank did not send a reply or the reply timed-out, the transaction is considered declined.

Banks requiring manual approval of transaction is also considered as “declined.”

The online booking facility requires automated approval of credit/debit card payment. In case the authorization fails, ticketing will not continue.

The booking process returned “To ensure the safety and security of your credit card and to prevent unauthorized use of same, performs security checks, in partnership with third parties. Failure to meet the designated security checks performed by our system will prevent from completing your transaction. Unfortunately, your credit card did not pass these security criteria. Kindly use an alternative card and try again.” What does it mean?

The online booking facility is unable to proceed with the payment authorization request because the credit card used did not pass this validation.

For the protection of the credit cardholders, the internet booking is designed with strict credit card validation rules. You may use alternative credit card or transact with any PAL ticket office.

I was able to view the confirmation page but I did not receive the confirmation e-mail. Is my booking finalized?


Yes, your booking was successful; however, you may have entered an incorrect e-mail address or the email gateway was unsuccessful in sending the email. You may request for your itinerary receipt by contacting PAL.

My credit/debit card is charged but I did not receive my itinerary receipt. What happens to my booking?


PAL’s backend ticketing system recovers and issues the tickets that are not finalized. This recovery process runs daily. You shall receive the itinerary receipt once the process completes. You must not make another transaction as this could duplicate their booking.

What type of request can I send


Only failures encountered after clicking the “Purchase” button should be reported to for validation of the credit card and/or booking transaction.

What information should I give when reporting online booking problem to  


You should provide the following when reporting online booking problem: name of primary passenger, itinerary and travel dates. The subject of the email should be: Online Booking Verification.

What should I do if I need to rebook or refund my ticket that I purchased online through


You may get in touch directly with reservations or sales offices of PAL.

For tickets purchased with other online sites, please contact the site administrator.