My ePrepaid MasterCard



What is A My ePrepaid MasterCard?

My ePrepaid MasterCard is a reloadable prepaid MasterCard issued by BPI that can be used to pay for online purchases as well as purchases from shops here and abroad. 

Purchases using your My ePrepaid MasterCard does not require any PIN. When paying inside stores or restaurants, just present your card and sign the sales slip. 

How does My ePrepaid MasterCard work?
Using a My ePrepaid MasterCard is easy! Just apply for a card, load it, use it to pay for your online or in-store purchases, reload your card, and use it again. Simple! 

What are the Features of My ePrepaid MasterCard? 
My ePrepaid MasterCard has the following features:

  • 100% Application Approval
  • Shop in ALL MasterCard affiliates online and in-store, here and abroad
  • No Maintaining Balance
  • No Surprising Bills
  • Low reload amounts

Can I use My ePrepaid MasterCard to pay for my ticket online?
Yes, you can use your My ePrepaid MasterCard to purchase tickets

Does PAL accept My ePrepaid for online transaction?
Yes.  My ePrepaid is accepted at To pay for your tickets online, simply select MasterCard as the type of payment.

My mobile phone prepaid cards are one-time use only. Is it the same with My ePrepaid MasterCard? 
That’s what’s nice about My ePrepaid MasterCard. Once card is issued, you can re-use it as many times you want as long as your card has not yet expired. You simply need to load money to your card by indicating your cardnumber and amount.

When will my card expire?
Your card will expire two (2) years from the day you purchased your card. The card is valid until the date (mm/yy) printed on the card below the text “Valid Thru”.

How is My ePrepaid MasterCard different from a debit card and credit card?
Unlike a credit card where you will be billed for your purchases after a certain period, you will need to load your My ePrepaid MasterCard with funds first before you can use it to pay for purchases. A debit card is linked to your savings account, every time you pay using your debit card, your savings account balance will automatically be deducted with the amount of your purchase. Since prepaid cards are not linked to your savings account, your purchases won’t affect your savings.

Do I need to enroll to be able to use My ePrepaid in booking and buying tickets through PAL's website?
No. Enrollment is not required to book and buy in Philippine Airlines.

Is there a limit in the number of tickets that I can purchase?
Yes. For now, My ePrepaid only allows up to Php 10,000 load. Your ticket purchases must be below this limit. 

What type of tickets can I purchase using My ePrepaid MasterCard?
You can purchase domestic or international tickets for as long you have enough load in your card to cover the ticket costs and it is not over Php 10,000.

How do I make an Online Purchase with My ePrepaid MasterCard?
Online ticket purchases using My ePrepaid MasterCard is easy! Just follow the following steps:

  1. Input your flight details
  2. Indicate the number of passengers
  3. Select your flight and confirm your booking
  4. Select MasterCard Credit Card as mode of payment
  5. Input the following card details: 
    a. 16-digit My ePrepaid Cardnumber 
    b. CVC 2/ Card Verification Code 2 (the last 3 digits found at the signature panel of your card) 
    c. Card Validity period
  6. Confirm the transaction.

Is it safe to purchase or transact Online with My ePrepaid MasterCard?
Yes, and since it’s prepaid, you can just load your My ePrepaid with funds only when you need to purchase at

Am I required to present My ePrepaid MasterCard at the airport check-in counter?
PAL reserves the right to require that the credit/debit card used in purchasing the ticket(s) online be presented at the ticket collection point, upon check-in or in cases of reissuance, rebooking or refund of a ticket.

I need help with My ePrepaid MasterCard
For queries or clarifications about My ePrepaid MasterCard, you can or you may call 89-100.

To know more about My ePrepaid MasterCard, visit

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