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Are there any requirements or qualifications needed to enroll? 

There are no requirements or qualifications needed to enroll.  PAL Learning Center offers courses for training purposes only and not for hiring purposes.  Once you finish or pass a certain course, you will be awarded a certificate.  You can include this in your credentials in applying to any airline company.

Are there pre-requisites to attending your courses? 
Pre-requisites depend on the course.  Most technical courses have, but others such as behavioral courses do not have any requirement.

What time are your sessions?
Most of our external sessions are conducted after office hours, usually from 4:30PM to 7:30PM, Mondays to Fridays.  However, we conduct morning sessions as requested by the clients.

Where are the sessions conducted?
Most of the sessions are conducted at PAL Learning Center (PLC).  Sessions may also be conducted outside of  PLC, upon request.

Do you customize training courses?
Yes.  We customize training courses according to the needs of clients as long as the minimum number of participants per class is met.  We require at least 10 participants per class to be able to customize a course for a client.

What are the qualifications of your Instructors? 
Our technical course Instructors are licensed by regulatory agencies to conduct particular trainings.  They are regularly trained abroad according to their specializations.  They are also required to attend annual training (classroom or on-the-job) for their mandatory recurrency requirements.


Most of the Training and Development Specialists have Master's degrees and line exposures of not less than five years.

Do you offer discounts?
Yes, discounts on course fees are offered depending on certain requirements.

Where do we pay to enroll? 
Payments are made at the External Training and Development Services Office, 3rd Floor PAL Learning Center.  Payments may be in cash or Manager's Cheques payable to Philippine Airlines.  To be officially enrolled, one has to pay 20% of the course fee three working days before the start of the course.  The 20% payment is considered as registration fee and is non-refundable and non-transferrable to other course and course schedule. The balance will have to be paid on the first day of training.




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