Smart Money MasterCard



What is Smart Money MasterCard? 

SMART MONEY is a re-loadable payment card issued by Smart Communications, Inc. in the Philippines for and in behalf of BDO.

Can I use Smart Money Mastercard to pay for my ticket online? 
Yes. The new Smart Money enables a Smart Money MasterCard cardholder (whose account number begins with 529967) to purchase tickets through

Does PAL accept Smart Money for online transaction? 
Yes.  The Smart Money carries the MasterCard brand, which is accepted at Select MasterCard in the "Credit Card Type".

What is the difference of Smart Money and credit card? 
Smart Money is a debit/cash card. The funds are withdrawn directly from the remaining balance on the card. The account holder must load sufficient cash to his/her account before it can be used online. Credit card on the other hand is drawn against a credit limit extend by the card issuer to the customer.

Do I need to enroll to be able to use My Smart Money Account in booking and buying tickets through PAL's website? 
No. Enrollment is not required with Philippine Airlines. However, customer must enroll and activate his/her Smart Money Mastercard with Smart for internet purchase. You must also link you Smart Money account to your Smart mobile number. 

Is there a limit in the number of tickets that I can purchase? 
Yes. Smart Money only allows up to PHP50,000 per day. You must unlock you account for every transaction that you make.  

What type of ticket can I purchase using the Smart Money Mastercard?
Smart Money account holder may purchase domestic or international ticket for as long as the account balance is sufficient to cover the amount of the fare.

How do I make an Online Purchase with my Smart Money Mastercard?
Once you have filled in the necessary payment details, you must ‘unlock’ your account prior to making that payment transaction or clicking the ‘purchase' button.


Please ensure your Smart Money account is linked to your Smart mobile phone to enable access to the unlocking feature of your account. To make a purchase and unlock your account, follow these simple steps:

1. Complete the payment details required by the online merchant but not click the 'Purchase' button 
2. In your Smart phone, go to Smart menu and select Smart Money 
3. Click on INTERNET 
4. Click ‘Unlock Account’, press OK 
5. Choose account, press OK 
6. Enter W-PIN, press OK 
7. A confirmation message will be sent to your mobile phone that your account is unlocked and ready for online purchase. 
8. Click the 'Purchase' button on the payment page to complete the payment 
9. You will receive an SMS notification of your successful transaction. 
10. Lock your account immediately after your purchase. Account is locked after the authorization has taken place.

Is it safe to purchase or transact Online with Smart Money Mastercard? 
Yes. Smart Money provides lock and unlock facility for your account using your Smart mobile phone. All transactions made against the Smart Money account have the corresponding SMS notification.

I failed to unlock my Smart Money Account, what will I do? 
If the Smart Money account is locked at the time of booking, the transaction will be declined. You need to start a new transaction.

How much will I be charged for unlocking my Smart Money Account? 
A minimal fee of PHP2.50 will be charged to your mobile phone account for every unlocking transaction made. Locking the account is free.

How will I know if my online purchase transaction was successful? 
Aside from the confirmation of your ticket purchase, you will receive an SMS notification confirming your successful transaction. 

Am I required to present my Smart Money Mastercard (or photocopy thereof) at the airport check-in counter? 
PAL reserves the right to require that the credit/debit card used in purchasing the ticket(s) online be presented at the ticket collection point, upon check-in or in cases of reissuance, rebooking or refund of a ticket.

What do I do if I have a query or need assistance? 
For queries or clarification concerning your Smart Money MasterCard, please call the Smart Money hotline at 15177 from your Smart mobile phone for FREE or 845-7777 via landline. 

To learn more about using your smart money online, click here. You may also visit Smart Money FAQ page for more information. 

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