Web Check-In Frequently Asked Questions



What is Web Check-in?

Web check-in is the process of confirming one’s presence on a flight via the Internet. This online feature allows passengers to check-in and select their preferred seating before arriving the airport.


Who can check-in online?

Passengers holding confirmed booking and valid e-ticket may check-in online.


The following may not be eligible for web check-in:

  • Passengers who need medical or special assistance
  • Unaccompanied minor
  • Group (16 or more passengers) under one booking


Is web check-in available for all Philippine Airlines flights?

Web Check-in is available on domestic flights including 2P operated flights. This is also available for international flights except:

  • PAL/PAL Express domestic

  • PAL international except flights FROM Xiamen (China) and Jinjiang (China)



When can I check-in online?

Web check-in is available 24 to 1 hour prior the scheduled departure time.


I purchased a ticket from a travel agent, can I also use the web check-in?

Yes. Passengers who purchase tickets from any PAL ticket office,  Contact Center, travel agency and philippineairlines.com may use the web check-in.


Will I get my reserved seat?

Yes. Your specific seat reservation/request will be pre-selected when you check-in for your flight online.


Can I change my seat after I have checked in online and printed my boarding pass?

Yes. Go to web check-in home page and retrieve your booking. Click on the ‘Select/Change Seat’ button and choose any available seat. You need to reprint the boarding pass reflecting your new seat assignment.


Can I reserve Choice Economy Seat (CES) when availing of the web check-in?

Passengers who have prior arrangement for bulkhead and exit row seats may avail of their reserved seats. Other passenger may choose regular seat at web check-in and request for reseating at the Web Check-In Baggage Drop / Document Verification counter at the airport.


Choice Economy Seat Surcharge (CESS) shall apply when availing of bulkhead and exit row seats.


Can I check-in my return/connecting flight online?

Yes. You may check-in your return or connecting flight as long as it is within 16 hours and 14 hours respectively from the outbound flight.



Can I do online check-in for my traveling companions?

Yes. You may check-in your traveling companion if you have the same booking record.


For group bookings, you can check-in five (5) passengers or less with different surnames.  If there are more than five (5) passengers, you can only check-in passengers with the same surname in a single transaction. You need to repeat the process for every surname on record.


Can I check-in an infant?

Yes.  The infant will be checked-in together with the adult passenger.


Can I reprint my boarding pass?

Yes.  If your home- or office-printed boarding pass is damaged or lost, you can go to web check-in home page and retrieve your booking anytime up to 2 hours before scheduled departure time.


What do I need to present at the airport?

Present your home- or office-printed boarding pass and a valid ID at the airport baggage drop and document check counter. Those who purchased ticket at philippineairlines.com may be required to present the credit/debit card used online.


What must I do when I arrive at the airport?

Passengers with or without baggage for check-in must be at the Web Check-In Baggage Drop / Document Verification Counter 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time except flights from New York, Dubai, Canton and London which require no later than 1 hour before estimated time of departure.


What happens if I don’t make it to the counter or boarding gate on time?

Philippine Airlines reserves the right to offload passengers for failure to arrive at the Web Check-in Baggage Drop / Document Verification Counter or boarding gate on time.