Article 10 - Schedules, Cancellation of Flights

Section 1. SCHEDULES 

(a)  Carrier undertakes to use its best efforts to carry the Passenger and his or her Baggage with reasonable dispatch and  to adhere  to published schedules in effect on the date of travel.  However,  no particular time is fixed for the commencement or completion of carriage and times shown in the ticket, time tables or elsewhere are approximate and not guaranteed, and do not form part of the Contract of Carriage.  Schedules are subject to change without notice, and Carrier assumes no responsibility for making connections. 

(b)  Carrier may, without notice, substitute alternative carriers or aircraft. 

If due to circumstances beyond its control Carrier cancels or delays a flight, is unable to provide previously  confirmed space, fails to stop at a Passenger's stopover  or  destination point, or causes the Passenger to miss a connecting flight on which the Passenger holds a confirmed reservation, Carrier shall not be liable for any indirect, special or consequential loss, expense or damage.  However, it may either: 

(a)  carry the Passenger on another of its scheduled Passenger services on which space is available, or 

(b)  reroute the Passenger to the destination indicated on the Ticket or applicable portion thereof by its own scheduled services or the scheduled services of another carrier, or by means of surface transportation.  If  the  sum  of the fare, excess baggage charge and any applicable  service charge  for the revised routing is higher  than the refund value of the Ticket or applicable  portion thereof, Carrier shall require no additional fare or charge from the Passenger, and shall refund the difference if the fare and charges for the revised routing are lower, or 

(c)  make a refund in accordance with the provisions of Article 11 and shall be under no further liability to the Passenger.