Corporate Disclosures - 2012


Year 2012

Corporate Disclosures 
News Clarification – “Philippine Airlines rehab good for tourism”  under Demand and Supply column posted in on January 6, 2012 PSE-2012-01-06-PHI-Clarification
News Clarification – “First Pacific group pursues PAL” published in Manila Standard Today on January 19, 2012 PSE-2012-01-19-PHI-Clarification
News Clarification – “MVP offered to buy 100% of PAL” posted in on February 10, 2012 PSE-2012-02-10-PHI-Clarification
News Clarification – “PAL rebranding” posted in on March 19, 2012 PSE-2012-03-19-PHI-Clarification
Investment Agreements entered into by Trustmark Holdings Corporation, 
majority shareholder of PAL Holdings, Inc., with San Miguel Equity Investments Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary  of San Miguel Corp.
News Clarification – “PAL, PAL Express set refleeting programs” posted in on April 9, 2012 PSE-2012-04-10-PHI-Clarification
News Clarification – “Ang to take over as PAL president” posted in on April 11, 2012 PSE-2012-04-11-PHI-Clarification
Board of Directors’ Meeting held on April 20, 2012 PSE-2012-04-20-PHI
News Clarification – “SMC to pour $750-M investment in PAL” posted in on April 28, 2012 PSE-2012-05-02-PHI-Clarification