Philippine Airlines Aviation School

“Through these portals pass the BEST PILOTS OF THE PHILIPPINES


Started in the early sixties, the Philippine Airlines Aviation School takes pride in being the first Aviation School in Asia.


Through the years, PAL Aviation School carried on the tradition of training excellence that made it the primary source of Philippine Airlines’ corps of PRESTIGIOUS, PROFESSIONAL and COMPETENT PILOTS.


The PAL Aviation School has a fleet of 10 CESSNA 172 aircraft.  It also has one FRASCA 142 synthetic flight trainer.  Ground school training is held at the PAL Learning Center, Manila while flight training is held at Clark Field, Pampanga.


The core objective of the Pilot Training Courses offered by Philippine Airlines Aviation School is to teach aspiring pilots to be knowledgeable and proficient in flying through the application of extensive training techniques and procedures that meet the standards set by Philippine Airlines and required by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines.

Courses Offered:


  • Pilot Trainees in the AB-Initio Pilot Training Program
  • Instrument Rating Training (Basic and Advance)
  • Flight Instructor Course


Through these courses, Philippine Airlines Aviation School also aims to be the primary producer of skilled and globally competitive pilots in the world.





Application requirements for Ab-Initio Training



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PAL Aviation School

Flight Deck Crew-Training Sub-Department
Flight Operations Department

PAL Gate 1
Pilot Lounge, Hangar R3,
Andrew Avenue, Nichols, Pasay City

Telephone Number:
Direct Line: (632) 320-8015
Local: (632) 855-8000 loc. 2318


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