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FRASCA 142 Instrument Rating

Apply theories acquired during the ground phase to hypothetical situations using the advanced FRASCA 142 single convertible to dual engine simulator.

The FRASCA 142 Flight Simulator can take on the personality of your smallest single engine, fixed gear trainer, or your most sophisticated twin with flight directory and advanced avionics. You will immediately notice that all the cockpit equipment, including flight, engine, and systems controls and indicators are modeled after actual aircraft parts, giving you very realistic feedback.

Additionally, our FAA qualified devices use aerodynamic models that are collected while flying the actual aircraft. This is much more accurate than performance that is based upon predicted flight data. This leads to high fidelity flight simulation that is apparent from engine starting through taxi, takeoff, climb, cruise, slow flight, stalls, descent and landing.  
B737-300 Crew Course

Designed to qualify the flight crew on their ground training requirements on the B737-300 as part of the aircraft equipment qualification. Be able to understand the different factors that contribute to the safety of flight operations, such as performance and flight planning, flight safety, weight and balance and dangerous goods.

Recurrent training are also available :
B737-300 Aircraft Systems Recurrent Training
B737-300 Flight Safety Recurrent
B737-300 Aircraft Refresher Course

B737-300 Line/Route Instructor Pilot Course

For B737-300 captains to equip them with adequate information on routes, navigational aids, and airports to be used with applicable procedures.

B737-200 and B737-300 Crew Conversion Ground Training Course

Developed to qualify previously rated B737-300 Flight Deck Crew on the B737-300 equipment as part of the ground training requirements. Be familiar with the specific flight techniques as applied to the B737-300 aircraft, explain how the different system of the equipment operate, practice simulation an demonstrate correct cockpit procedures.

B737-300 to B737-400 Crew Conversion/Differences Training Ground Course

Designed to qualify previously rated B737-300 flight deck crew on the B737-400 equipment. Be able to explain the simple difference between the two variants, demonstrate correct cockpit procedures and be familiar with specific flight techniques as applied to the B737-400 aircraft.

Equipment Qualification Course (Boeing 737-300/400/747-400, Airbus 320/330/340)

Acquire the necessary knowledge on aircraft systems, flight safety, dangerous goods and other operational subjects like performance and flight planning.

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