PAL Learning Center
Personality Development Programs

Basic Personality Development Workshop 
A wholistic workshop focused on the person's appearance, personality, social graces, and personality.  This workshop will help the   participants to project themselves in a corporate setting thru social graces and etiquette

Presence, Polish, and Power Workshop
This workshop aims to help participants project a confident, professional and polished image.

The Art of Business Dining
This is a comprehensive session on everything one needs to know about fine dining: from use of basic tools to engaging in table talk. The objective of this course is to help the individual create a positive impression with others and enhance the  image of the company he or she represents.

Wellness in the Workplace
This workshop was designed for leaders and persons who will eventually manage teams.  Stress affects productivity and teamwork.  It's therefore important for a leader to address actual and potential stressors in the office and at home.

Creating Lasting Connections
This workshop serves as an introduction to the science of social intelligence - it will help you gain insights on human relations; how to better "read" people, situations and react accordingly.

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