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Nagoya, Japan

Geographically located around the center of Japan's main island of Honshu, Nagoya has been a cultural crossroad since the ancient times of feudal Japan. Due to its convenient location, it has served as a meeting place for the nation's eastern and western cultures. Nagoya started to develop as a typical castle town of ancient Japan.

Nagoya and its vicinities are best known as an industrial powerhouse. From high-tech sectors to traditional industries, the city has built a strong industrial base. Industrial museums have started to boom in this city.

The long history of Nagoya as a thriving castle town nurtured various specialties. These specialties include special dishes, arts and crafts such as cloisonne, kimono fabrics pottery and porcelain.

Nagoya is popular among foreign residents as a pleasant city to live in. Its wide streets laid out in an easily-navigated lattice network combined with a very convenient subway network system also make it easy for visitors to get around.

PAL flies between Manila and Nagoya daily.

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