Fiestas & Festivals - January

Chinese New Year - Chinatown, Manila
Manila's Chinatown virtually explodes with wild and endless fireworks, sparklers, parties and lauriat feasts to welcome the year of the Dragon.

Boracay Funboard Cup - Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan
The country's biggest windsurfing event drawing participation from enthusiasts all over Asia. Held every last week of January.

Dinagyang - Iloilo, Iloilo

Held on the fourth weekend of January, Dinagyang differs from other Ati-ati fiestas in the well-choreographed and painfully rehearsed dance steps of its Ati tribes.  On Sunday morning when the real action begins, as many as twenty groups will vie for the prestigious Dinagyang street-dancing trophy.

The performers strut their stuff on the city's main avenues, shaking and moving in time with the furious drumbeats.  The resulting mayhem is infectious - and by all means fun.  You will see this in the spirited festivity that ensues, which peaks in an open-air, all-night disco that lasts well into the next morning.

Kalibo Ati-atihan - Kalibo, Aklan

A celebration in honor of the Santo Niño.  Marked by frenzied merriment on the streets when revelers in colorful costumes, their bodies painted black and their faces made up grotesquely.  Merry makers rowdily dance in the streets. Held in the third weekend of January.

Feast of Black Nazarene - Quiapo, Manila
A grand fiesta centered on the image of the Black Nazarene that was transported by ship from Mexico to Manila in the 17th Century.  Held every 09 January.

Sinulog Festival - Cebu City

Feast of Santo Niño commemorated with a procession, street dancing competition and fluvial parade amidst devotees chanting of "Pit Señor".  Held every third weekend of January.

Binanog Festival - Lambunao, Iloilo
Binanog is a yearly festivities celebrated by the Lambunaonos every January in honor of infant Jesus. Binanog means a pool of dance by the people in hinterland of Lambunao. The following are the Binanugan, the dance depicting the movement of the birds, the Inagong sayaw-sayaw, a celebration dances and the Dinagmay, the courtship dance. The dance movement is accompanied by lively drum beatings. Held every 08 January.

Batan Ati-Ati Malakara Festival - Poblacion Batan, Aklan
The participants celebrating this festival wear masks made up of paper mache and prepared costumes. The festival is celebrated in honor of the Sto. Niño with merry making for a bountiful harvest, peace and prosperity, street dancing along the streets and plaza of the poblacion. A holy mass is celebrated before the start of the contest on Sunday morning proceeded with a parade of participating tribes. Held every 15 January.

Kahimunan Festival -  Butuan 
Butuan City’s version of the Sinulog Festival of Cebu, it is celebrated to pay homage to the city’s patron, Sto. Niño. Kahimunan is the Lumad term for “gathering.” The annual festival is a mixture of Christian and folk elements celebrated with spectacular display.  Celebrated every third Sunday of January.