Fiestas & Festivals - July

Bocaue River Festival - Bocaue, Bulacan

A famous river festival held in honor of the miraculous Cross of Bocaue (Krus ng Wawa.) During fluvial processions, devotees ride in bancas called "Pagoda", dousing each other with water. Held every first Sunday of July.

Sandugo Festival - Tagbilaran City, Bohol
A month-long re-enactment of the blood compact between Legaspi and Sikatuna. The festival is celebrated with agri-industrial exhibit, trade fair, beauty contest and a street dancing competition.

Santa Martha Festival - Pateros, Rizal
Save for that notorious delicacy known as balut (duck's embryo), most people find little reason to visit the municipality of Pateros. All this, however, changes on the morning of the festival. The Santa Martha River Festival, a day-long fiesta of swaying statues borne by dancing devotees, gives the neighboring Metro Manila residents a good excuse to drop by.

Sinulog de Tanjay Festival - Tanjay, Negros Oriental
24 July, Feast of Señor Santiago de Compustela. As part of the two-day festival, teams of dancers visit every household and perform traditional dances for its residents.