Fiestas & Festivals - May

Antipolo Pilgrimage - Antipolo City
A month-long celebration that brings devotees and pilgrims to venerate the Lady of Peace and Good Voyage enshrined in Antipolo Church.

Carabao Festival - Angono, Rizal
Farmers pay tribute to their patron saints. A processions of carabao carts bearing a myriad of local produce is held. Prizes are awarded to the strongest and most beautifully decorated carabao. Held every 14 May.

Pahiyas sa Quezon - Sariaya-Lucban, Quezon
Every 15 May, homes are decked with kiping, multi-colored paper-thin leaf-shaped rice kropeck, and harvested vegetables.  There are also a trade fair, civic parades, procession and other activities.

Puerto Azul Sports & Music Festival - Puerto Azul Beach & Country Club, Cavite

A two-night dance party that includes beach volleyball, triathlon and swimsuit competition; J&B Interclub golf tournament; Fun Golf and the much awaited beach concert. Held every 01-02 May.

Pulilan Carabao Festival - Pulilan, Bulacan
A fun-filled (and slightly bizarre) celebration that showcases these native field animals, the carabaos. This annual event, held every 14 May, is held in honor of San Isidro Labrador, the Patron Saint of Farmers), to whom gifts and gratitude are offered for another bountiful harvest. What makes this occasions unusual, however, is that the thanksgiving is done by the carabaos themselves who are trained to kneel in front of the church.

Santacruzan/Flores de Mayo - Nationwide
This commemorates St. Helena's finding the "True Cross", preceded by a nine-day novena. On the ninth day, the Santacruzan is held. It will be highlighted by a long line of procession with Reina Elena, accompanied by a little boy representing King Constantine, and other sagalas representing biblical characters and the Blessed Virgin Mary who all walk under heavily decorated arches. Held every first Sunday of May.