Bacolod, Negros Occidental

You'll surely have numerous friendly encounters in Bacolod - the "City of Smiles", known for the warm and friendly nature of its local residents.  Visit ancestral homes and snap a few souvenir photographs.  Or have a grand time enjoying the amenities of modern hotels, fine restaurants and commercial centers all around the metropolis.

For a most unusual experience, dip into a sulphur hot spring, or taste the delectable tiger prawns grown in the fishponds.  And for relaxation, play a round of golf on the premier courses or shoot a few rounds at the target range.

Bacolod is also a tropical paradise with its quaint coastal scenery.  The crystal waters surrounding Llacaon Island just off the northern tip of Negro Occidental is the perfect spot for diving, fishing and snorkeling.  And if you prefer hot springs and cool waterfalls, the mountain resort of Mambucal is a must see.

On your way home, grab some baked goodies and sweets from the local bakeries.

PAL flies between Manila and Bacolod four times a day. 

More flights may be added depending on market requirement.

PAL also offers PALakbayan tour packages from Manila to Bacolod.