Kalibo, Aklan

Enjoy the proximate beaches of Buswang, white-sanded Agfa, and crystal-watered Floripon Point.  And just a short boat ride off the tip of Caticlan is world-renowned Boracay Island.  Commune with nature as you bathe among the seven cascading waterfalls of Jawili or take to the trails of Manduyog Hill in Banga to the "Cross on the hill".  And for the more daring, venture into the 20-kilometer Tulingon Cave or into the clear swimming basin of Basang Cave.

Kalibo, provincial capital of Aklan is famous for its rowdy Ati-Atihan festival held on the third week of January.  Join this virtual Mardi Gras as townsfolk colorfully dress up like their tribal ancestors and energetically dance in the streets to frenzied drumbeats.  Besides commemorating the lively thanksgiving festivities between Negrito and Malay settlers, citizens pay homage to their patron saint - the Santo Niño, who miraculously saved the town from pirates.