About PAL

Can I reserve a seat by e-mail?
No.  You have to call our Reservations or sales office nearest you for a seat request. In Manila, please call our 24 hours reservations office at tel. no. (632) 855-8888 and in USA/Canada at toll free number 1-800-I-FLY-PAL.  For our other sales offices contact information, please click Contact Us for details.

How do I change my booking?
Please call our Reservations office or visit our sales office or your travel agent. Penalties may apply in booking changes depending on the rules and conditions attached to the fare.

How much is my rebooking (other charges) penalty?
Rebooking fee is dependent on the conditions attached to the fare purchased. Please call our SALES OFFICE for further assistance. Our sales office is in the best position to check on the fare rules/general conditions of its booking class and advise you of any applicable charges to be paid.

How do I cancel my flight? 
Please visit or call our SALES OFFICE. Please cancel your reservation as soon as you intend to change your travel plans. Penalties may apply depending on the conditions attached to the fare.

Can I order special meals? 
Yes. Special meals may be requested on all Philippine Airlines international flights to cater to the various dietary requirements of passengers, for reasons of age, health or religion. Please call our reservations not later than 24 hours before your departure date to ensure its availability.

How do I reconfirm my flight?
Reconfirmation is not required for all Philippine Airlines flights. However we recommend that when making your reservations, you advise us of your telephone numbers at every stopover along your itinerary. This will allow us to call and advise you of any changes to your flight.