About PAL

What is the advantage in buying Fly All You Can?
“Fly All You Can” (FAP) promo allows travel aficionados to fly as much as they can in the key cities in Asia. 

What is the difference of this offer from the previous fly-all-you-can?
The new Fly All You Can Pass is more flexible! You can now redeem tickets on staggered basis within the eight-week travel period as compared to the previous 'all in one go' ticketing. 

Where can I fly with Fly All You Can?
You may fly unlimited round-trip to Bali, Bangkok, Beijing, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Macau, Saigon, Shanghai, Singapore, Taipei and Xiamen from Manila & Singapore to Jakarta. In addition, Fly All You Can holders may also fly unlimited between Manila and Cebu or Davao. 
Can I fly to the same city multiple times?
Can I fly itineraries with open-jaw, circle trip, multi-trip or one-way? 
Fly All You Can is designed for unlimited round-trip travel to cities in Asia originating Manila, plus unlimited one-way or round-trip between Manila and Cebu or Davao. Open-jaw is permitted provided the origin and arriving city is Manila, e.g. outbound flight is Manila-Hong Kong and return flight is Macau-Manila. 
Can I originate from a domestic point other than Manila, Cebu or Davao?
Can my itinerary originate from a city in Asia going to Manila, Cebu or Davao?
No. Regional flights must originate Manila. Domestic flights can be Manila-Cebu/Davao or vice versa. 
When can I travel using my Fly All You Can? 
Outbound travel is from 12 September to 10 December 2012. All travel must completed by December 10, 2012. The last ticket must be flown within 8 weeks from the first travel or December 10, 2012 whichever comes first. Example: If your first travel is on September 12, 2012 the last outbound travel that you can make is on or before November 06, 2012. 
Where and when is Fly All You Can available for sale?
Fly All You Can is available for sale through PAL accredited travel agencies, ticket offices and contact center in the Philippines from 12 to 18 September 2012. You may also buy this promo through
Is Fly All You Can all I need to make my trips?

Fly All You Can is not valid for passage. After purchasing Fly All You Can, you must exchange it with flight tickets that you will use for your trip.  (See 'Exchanging Fly All You Can for Flight Tickets' below for more details.) 
How much is Fly All You Can?
Fiesta Class (Economy) is USD338 while Mabuhay Class (Business) is USD1,338. Each pass is good for one person.   Fares are exclusive of government taxes, fees and surcharges. 
Can I transfer my Fly All You Can to other person?
No. Fly All You Can is non-transferable. Name change is not permitted. 

How do I buy my Fly All You Can?
You may visit any of PAL ticket offices or accredited travel agencies in the Philippines. Fly All You Can is also available through PAL Contact Center (02)855-8888 or online at

How do I purchase Fly All You Can online?
Buying Fly All You Can online is similar to purchasing regular ticket. Book one-way Manila-Fly All You Can on PR360/20Dec. This special flight number holds the inventory for Fly All You Can and does not reflect actual travel date.  
What forms of payment are accepted?
PAL ticket offices accept cash, invoice and credit card payments.  Travel agencies accept cash; credit card facility may or may not be available. Contact center and online can only process Visa, MasterCard or JCB credit cards. 
What is included in the Fly All You Can?
The $338 (Fiesta Class) and $1,338 (Mabuhay Class) only cover air travel. Customers will have to pay the applicable surcharges, government taxes and Philippine Travel Tax for every ticket redeemed. Visit for the applicable surcharges and government taxes.  

Note:  Airport terminal fees are PHP550 for international departures and PHP200 for local/domestic departures. International termina fee will be collected at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Centennial Terminal 2). Domestic Passenger Service Charge (DPSC or NAIA terminal fee) shall be included in the total amount to be collected. 

Can I buy Fly All You Can for someone else?
Yes. Please note that flight tickets can be exchanged only under his/her name.  


Where can I exchange my Fly All You Can for flight tickets?
You may exchange your Fly All You Can with flight tickets at any PAL ticket office in the Philippines or by calling (02)855-8888 in Manila. 
When should I exchange my Fly All You Can for flight tickets?
You must exchange it for flight tickets within 8 weeks from first travel date of first ticket issued.
For example a passenger can have a roundtrip ticket issued first, then come back another day within the 8 weeks to have another ticket/itinerary issued.

Can I exchange the Fly All You Can for flight tickets on the same day of Fly All You Canpurchase?
Yes. If you have the final itinerary, you may exchange it on the same day of Fly All You Can purchase. 
Can I exchange the Fly All You Can for flight tickets online?
Fly All You Can may be purchased online but Fly All You Can can only be exchanged for flight tickets through the PAL ticket offices or call center in the Philippines.   


Can I refund my Fly All You Can?
Yes. Unused Fly All You Can is refundable subject to USD100 refund service fee. 'Unused' means it is not exchanged for flight tickets. 
Can I refund my flight tickets?

Yes. Permitted at USD75 refund service fee per ticket 

The last day of presentation of unconverted pass for refund shall be 30 November 2012.  The converted tickets shall follow the current refund process.
Am I allowed to rebook my flights?
Yes, you are permitted to rebook your flights only within the same travel period subject to rebooking fees:
- International: USD75 per transaction
- Domestic: PHP800 per sector plus VAT 
Can I change/reroute my flight tickets?
Yes. You may only reroute existing flight tickets subject to applicable fees but the number of tickets issue shall remain the same. Example: Exchange Manila-Hong Kong-Manila with Manila-Singapore-Manila.  
What should i do if I wish to cancel my flight?
You must cancel you booking by calling (02)855-8888 in Manila at least 24 hours before you departure to avoid no show fee. You may rebook your flight ticket at a later date subject to rebooking fees. 
What happens if PAL cancels the flight due to weather or operational reasons?
Fly All You Can passengers enjoy the same benefits as the regular passengers, i.e. they will be accommodated on the next available flight.