What facility does PAL offer for hotels?
PAL gives its customers the option and convenience of booking a hotel online. Customers agree that usage of the online hotel reservation is subject to the terms and conditions of Octopus Travel.

What hotels are available?
We offer more than 21,000 hotels with different star ratings around the world. Customers may immediately view hotel availability and  prices by using the online hotel reservation.

Does PAL manage the hotel bookings?
No. All transactions made with the online hotel reservation are directly with OctopusTravel.

Can I arrange my flight with Octopus Travel?
No. Octopus Travel is limited to hotel reservations. Customers must arrange for their flight bookings separately through the PAL website.

Is the online hotel reservation the same with the PAL's tour packages?
No. The online hotel reservation is purely for hotel bookings. PAL offers international Swingaround and domestic PALakbayan tour packages that include airfare, hotel accommodation, airport transfer, and optional tours. If the client is availing PAL's Swingaround and PALakbayan products, changes must be coordinated directly with PAL reservations office.

In case there are changes in my flight itinerary or flight will experience delay or cancellation, will my hotel booking be updated automatically?
No. The customer must adjust the flight and/or hotel reservations in case there are changes in the travel plans directly with the Octopus Customer Service hotline (632) 8594150 or you may send an email to

How do I change or cancel my hotel reservation with Octopus Travel?
Customer may change or cancel hotel bookings using the "My Account" link in the hotel reservation home page.

Please visit Octopus Travel's FAQ page for more information.