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PAL-BPI Buy 1 Take 1 Promo

What does the PAL-BPI Promo offer?
Customers buying any ticket on qualified routes and travel dates using BPI Express Credit MasterCard (Blue, Gold, Petron-BPI, Edge/Mini-Edge, E-Credit and Corporate MasterCard) or BPI Prepaid Cards (My ePrepaid MasterCard, Express Cash and Express Gift)  are entitled to get a second ticket of the same route and class of service at zero-fare. 

What does 'zero-fare ticket' mean?
A 'zero-fare ticket' is the same as the regular ticket but only surcharges and government taxes/fees will be collected. The base fare would be zero/free.

How much will I save when I avail of this promo?
The amount of savings* depends on the available base fare for the chosen travel date. The figures indicated below are based on regular internet fares on Fiesta Economy Class.


Route SectorBase  Round-trip
Fare in PHP 
Luzon Laoag2,776.00
Puerto Princesa2,976.00
 Mindanao Butuan4,576.00
Cagayan de Oro4,176.00
General Santos4,976.00

Example: Manila - Davao - Manila (Fiesta Deal)
First Ticket - P6,054 Total Amount (Base Fare P4,376 + Surcharges/Taxes P1,678)
Second Ticket - P1,678 in Surcharges/Taxes (Base Fare is Zero)
Savings - P4,376


SectorBase Round-trip
Fare in USD
Hong Kong236.00
Ho Chi Minh

What type of fare should I book for the first ticket?
Any available published Fiesta Economy Class or Mabuhay Business Class fare is qualified to avail the zero-fare ticket. You may book any available Fiesta Deal, Fiesta Saver, Fiesta Plus, Mabuhay Classic or Mabuhay Premium fare for the first ticket.

Where can I fly to avail of this promo?
You may fly to any PAL domestic destination and from Manila to Bali, Bangkok, Beijing, Guam, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Macau, Melbourne, Ho Chi Minh (Saigon), Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Taipei and Xiamen.

When can I travel using with the PAL-BPI Buy 1, Take 1 Promo? 
Domestic travel is from 12 September to 26 October 2012 while regional/international outbound travel is from 12 September to 10 December 2012. 

What type of credit card I can use to avail of this promo?
You can use your BPI Express Credit MasterCard or My ePrepaid MasterCard*.

*BPI Express Credit MasterCard (Blue, Gold, Petron-BPI, Edge/Mini-Edge, E-Credit and Corporate MasterCard) or BPI Prepaid Cards (My ePrepaid MasterCard, Express Cash and Express Gift)

Can I use other credit card to pay for my ticket online?
No. This promo is available only to BPI Express Credit MasterCard or My ePrepaid MasterCard cardholders.

Is there a limit in the number of tickets that I can purchase?
There is no limit in the number of tickets that you may purchase.

How do I buy PAL-BPI Buy 1, Take 1 Promo?
You may visit any of PAL Philippine-based ticket offices or through PAL Contact Center (02)855-8888 in Manila or online at from 12 to 25 September 2012.

How do I purchase PAL-BPI Buy 1, Take 1 Promo online?
Simply choose any regular fare online. You may avail the zero-fare ticket by calling (02)855-8888 or by visiting any PAL ticket office in the Philippines. 

How can I avail the zero-fare ticket ticket?
The zero/free fare ticket can be availed in two options: 
   - by another passenger on the same/different date or 
   - by the same passenger on a different date 

Where can I claim my zero-fare tickets?
You may claim the “zero-fare ticket” at any Philippine-based PAL ticket office. The applicable government taxes, fees and surcharges must be paid using BPI credit card as well. For internet/web transactions, passenger may claim the “zero fare ticket” by any of the two options below:

Option 1:
Passenger at his/her own convenience can go to any PAL Philippine-based office to pay* and claim the “zero fare ticket”

Option 2:  (If the passenger cannot go to PAL ticket office)
After purchasing the ticket online, passenger must call PAL reservations at 855-8888 to book the PR-operated domestic sector and date of their choice for the “zero fare ticket”. After payment of the applicable taxes, fees and surcharges, “zero fare ticket” will be emailed to the passenger by the Contact Center to the same email address used online.  The passenger must be the card holder or must be part of the traveling party

Customer must use the same BPI credit card in paying for the fees/taxes/surcharges for the “zero fare ticket”.   
When should I claim my PAL-BPI Buy 1, Take 1 Promo flight tickets?
You must claim the zero/free flight tickets from the time of purchase of the regular ticket until before your flight departure. Example: If you purchased on 13 September Manila-Hong Kong-Manila for travel 12 November, you may claim the zero-fare ticket any day from 13 September to 11 November 2012.

Can I claim the zero-fare tickets on the same day of  PAL-BPI Buy 1, Take 1 Free Promo purchase?
Yes. You may avail the zero-fare ticket on the same day of PAL-BPI Buy 1 Get 1 Free Promo purchase. 

Can I pay for the government fees, taxes and surcharges in cash or other credit card?
The fees/taxes/surcharges of the second ticket should be paid using the same BPI Express Credit MasterCard of my ePrepaid MasterCard* used in paying for the first ticket.

*BPI Express Credit MasterCard (Blue, Gold, Petron-BPI, Edge/Mini-Edge, E-Credit and Corporate MasterCard) or BPI Prepaid Cards (My ePrepaid MasterCard, Express Cash and Express Gift) 
Can I redeem my zero-fare ticket online?
You may purchase the regular ticket online but the zero-fare ticket can only be claimed at PAL ticket offices or call center in the Philippines.

If I purchased an adult fare ticket, can I claim a free ticket for my child?
Yes. A full adult fare purchased is entitled to an adult or child "zero fare ticket." However, a discounted child fare purchased is entitled only to a child "zero fare ticket."
Can I refund PAL-BPI Buy 1, Take 1 Promo? 
Refundability and fees shall be based on the conditions attached to the first/regular ticket purchased. If the first ticket is refundable, both the regular and zero-fare tickets must be unused to qualify for a refund.

Am I allowed to rebook my flights? 
Any change in booking shall be dependent on the conditions attached to the first/regular ticket purchased. If the first ticket is rebookable, both the regular and zero-fare ticket may be rebooked subject to conditions and fees.
What should i do if I wish to cancel my flight?
You must cancel you booking by calling (02)855-8888 in Manila at least 24 hours before you departure to avoid no show fee. You may rebook your flight ticket at a later date subject to ticket conditions.  
Am I required to present my credit card (or photocopy thereof) at the airport check-in counter?
PAL reserves the right to require that the credit card used in purchasing the ticket(s) online be presented at the ticket collection point, upon check-in or in cases of reissuance, rebooking or refund of a ticket.