About PAL

Do you accept flight reservations online?
Yes.  This feature is now available through Reserve and Hold (RH) allows customers to book online and pay for the reservation at the ticket office, call center or selected Petron Station.

Note: Most ticket offices are closed Saturday afternoon, Sunday and public holidays. Click here to view contact details.

Is Reserve and Hold applicable on all flights?
Yes. Reserve and Hold is available on domestic, regional and international flights.

Do I need to register before making a reservation online?
Yes.  Login is required to avail of Reserve and Hold.

Can I reserve for today’s flight?
No. You can only reserve for flights departing at least 2 days from the booking date.

Is there a deadline to pay for the reservation?
Yes.  All reservations made online must be purchased at the ticket office or selected Petron Station within 24 hours from the time of booking. Extension of ticketing time limit is not allowed.

Can I reserve and hold for your promotional fare?
Yes. Reserve and Hold is available for all fare types.

Is there a charge for making a reservation online?
None. Only the total amount quoted online will be collected at the ticket office/call center/selected Petron Station.

Does the ticketing service fee apply to Reserved and Held bookings?
Yes. PHP100 plus 12% VAT which applies on domestic flights and USD 5 for international flights will be added to the total amount to be paid.

How would I know if I made a successful reservation?
A confirmation page will be prompted on your screen. You will also receive an email confirmation  at the time of reserve and hold request. It indicates the Passenger Name Record reference, fare/taxes breakdown, ticketing time limit and the notice on payment of Ticketing Service Charge

Where can I pay for my reservation?

Reservations for domestic tickets may be paid at:

  • PAL Ticket office (Philippine-based ticket office for domestic tickets while regional and international tickets must be paid only at the originating country)
    Cash or PAL Corporate credit card or major credit card (e.g. Amex, Diners, JCB Card, MasterCard and Visa)

  • PAL Call Centers in the Philippines at telephone numbers  (632) 855-8888 for Manila and (6332) 340-0191 for Cebu   
    Credit card only using MasterCard, VISA, JCB or Amex credit card
    Note: Credit card holders must be part of the travelling party

  • Petron Payment Center  
    Only accepts cash payment for purely domestic bookings 
    Note: Click here to view selected Petron Payment Location Center

  • EC Pay at 7-11 Stores nationwide
    Only accepts cash payments for purely domestic bookings

What do I need to present when making payment?
E-mail confirmation of the RH transaction.

May I send a representative to pay for the tickets?
Yes. Provide your representative the e-mail confirmation received for easy reference.