5 October 2006 - PAL bans anew liquids on flights  

Philippine Airlines is advising all its passengers taking PAL flights out of Manila to stow inside their check-in baggage all types of liquids and gel-like substances, except those bought at the Duty Free Shops and other retail stores after the Final Screening Checkpoint, which will be allowed as carry-on items.


This is in compliance with a new directive reimposing a total ban on them issued by the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA). Prior to this, MIAA eased the restrictions following an instruction to this effect from the US Transportation and Security Administration (TSA) last 26 September.


Effective today, 05 October 2006 PAL will again disallow passengers from having in their possession or stowed in their hand-carried baggage such substances as beverages, shampoo, suntan lotion, creams, toothpaste, hair gel of any size and other similar items. However, those bought at the Duty Free and other stores after the final screening checkpoint will be allowed onboard.


The ban will especially be enforced on tonight's trans-Pacific flights of PAL - PR102 bound for Los Angeles, PR104 for San Francisco and PR106 for Vancouver and Las Vegas.


Exempted from the ban are baby formula, breast milk or juice carried by passengers traveling with infants or minors; as well as prescription medicines.


PAL and airport security will thoroughly search passengers' carry-on baggage as well as their persons to ensure compliance. Any item listed above will be confiscated.  To avoid this, passengers are advised to include such articles in their checked luggage.

Passengers who refuse to be searched will be denied boarding. Passengers are strongly advised to travel light in order to expedite the screening process.


These measures are on top of ongoing security procedures on all PAL flights, such as the removal and screening of footwear, and ban on pointed, bladed and flammable items onboard.


The ban was first imposed in response to an emergency advisory by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security following the foiled terrorist plot to blow up several US-bound flights over the Atlantic using liquid bombs.


Source: PAL Media Release