During Your Flight


During Your Flight Travel Tips


  • Drink lots of water, and avoid over-eating, alcohol and caffeine.
  • Use moisturizer, lip balm and eye drops to avoid dryness caused by cabin humidity.
  • Keep your seat and leg area free of clutter. Stow your one-piece cabin bag in the overhead compartment at all times.
  • Regularly shift your body position while seated. Avoid keeping your legs crossed or sleeping in a cramped position for long periods.
  • To avoid jet lag, try to stay awake onboard if your flight arrives in the evening at your destination, and get some sleep onboard if your flight arrives in the daylight.


More information during your flight:


Cabin Interior 

Philippine Airlines added three new B777-300ERs in its fleet and four of its five B747-400s have been refurbished to provide more comfort and style in traveling. 


Cabin Amenities

For your relaxation, we offer amenities for total inflight comfort.  Philippine Airlines launched a new, fresh and refined design of its Amenity Kits for Mabuhay (Business) Class on all its long-haul flights.



Comfort and Safety

Safety information and inflight well-being tips to help you travel the healthy and relaxing way.



Duty Free Sales

For last minute shopping, duty free items are available for sale onboard.



Inflight Entertainment and Connectivity (IFEC)

A listing of movies, TV and radio programs for your entertainment pleasure.



Meals and Beverages

A wide range of inflight meals and beverages that we offer on Mabuhay (Business) Class and Fiesta (Economy) Class.