Tips For A Healthy And Relaxing Flight

Before the Flight


  • Drink lots of water, avoid over-eating and do not drink too much alcohol and caffeine.
  • Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes for the flight. Pack a light sweater and a pair of cozy socks for warmth.
  • Ensure that your one-piece cabin bag is small enough to fit in the stowage bin for more legroom and less clutter in your seat area.
  • Bring a moisturizer, lip balm and eye drops with you during the flight.
  • Pack some light snacks, candy and bottled water in your cabin bag.

During the Flight


  • Drink lots of water, and avoid over-eating, alcohol and caffeine.
  • Use moisturizer, lip balm and eye drops to avoid dryness caused by cabin humidity.
  • Keep your seat and leg area free of clutter. Stow your one-piece cabin bag in the overhead compartment at all times.
  • Regularly shift your body position while seated. Avoid keeping your legs crossed or sleeping in a cramped position for long periods.
  • To avoid jet lag, try to stay awake onboard if your flight arrives in the evening at your destination, and get some sleep onboard if your flight arrives in the daylight.

At the Destination


  • Take time to synchronize your body clock with the local time at your destination. Keep a light schedule for the first few days to allow for an adjustment period.
  • Do some light exercises on the day of your arrival. Spend some time outdoors in the daylight.

In-Seat Exercises


  • For your comfort and relaxation, you may perform these in-seat exercises to improve your blood circulation during the flight.