Synopses for:

Philippine Airlines Programming

July - August  2014




1st Half Hour

Inside Pixar

Bloombergs Carol Massar takes you inside Walt Disney Company’s Pixar Animation unit to explore the history  and future of the computer animation filmmaker.


2nd Half Hour

How I Met Your Mother – S7, E2 – The Naked Truth

WhenMarshallgets the job of his dreams, he worries that once the company discovers videos he made in the past, they may rescind the offer


3rd Half Hour

Just Kidding: The Classics

An unparalleled form of family entertainment, this worldwide hit represents the epitome of hoaxes and pranks





1st Half Hour

The Middle – The Hose

Frankie once again gets on the bad side of an old neighborhood nemesis, Sue discovers that her family is poor when she sees her dad’s paycheck, and Brick learns about sex


2nd Half Hour

Just For Laughs – S12, E12

Just for Laughs will tickle everyone’s funny bone with its hilarious practical jokes, hidden camera pranks, and other creative hijacks.


3rd Half Hour

CNBC Meets Will.I.Am

Tania Bryer sits down with Black Eyed Peas Front man to discuss his route from musician to philanthropist.