Cargo Carrier's Liability



The carrier, Philippine Airlines, is liable for damage, delay or loss arising from/or in connection with the carriage of goods if such is found to have been caused by negligence or willful fault of PAL and there has been no contributing negligence on the part of the shipper, consignee or other claimants.


PAL shall not be liable for any damage:

Our airport-to-airport express service with the following features:

  • Directly or indirectly arising out of compliance with laws, government regulations, orders or requirements or any cause beyond PAL's control;
  • Resulting from the inherent defect or quality of the cargo carried;
  • Resulting from shipment the content of which is likely to deteriorate or perish due to change in climate, temperature, altitude or other ordinary exposure, or length of time in transit;
  • To live animals due to natural causes, or resulting from the conduct or acts of the animals.

PAL's liability shall in no event exceed the declared value as given by the shipper and in cases where no value was declared, shall not exceed USD20.00 per kilogram, subject to proof of value. Goods, which may endanger the aircraft or personnel may be abandoned without notice and without liability attaching to PAL.


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