Choice Seats


For your comfort and satisfaction, you can get choice seats located at the exit rows or bulk head seats area. These preferred seating may be reserved subject to applicable Choice Economy Seat Surcharge (CESS). A bulkhead seat shall have the same CESS rate with an exit row seat.


For regional flights utilizing A330 & A321, choice economy seats surcharge shall be assessed on the following rows/seats.

A330 RP-C8781-86/8789 414 ROWS 21-25
RP-C8760 368 ROWS 21-23
A321 RP-C9901-03/C9905-07 199 ROWS 21-23

When making your reservation, you may request for a choice seat. If a reservation has already been made, you may likewise request for a choice seat by providing your Booking Reference Number. This service is offered on the following flights, subject to availability and the following rates:

Middle East
50 2250 50 5000 60 350 50000 400 400 64 1600 1650 188 188 33
Regional inc. GUM/
Transborder between YVR and JFK 
30 1350 30 3000 36 210 30000 240 240 39 960 990 114 114 24
7 250* 7 700 9 49 7000 56 56 9 224 231 27 27 6

* VAT inclusive



Reservations, Airport, Travel Agents and Onboard

  • Above fees are on one-way basis.
  • For exit row seats, passenger must be physically capable and willing to perform emergency actions, be able to familiarize himself with emergency evacuation techniques and meet the other FAA requirements for exit row seats. Otherwise, PAL reserves the right to release the exit-row previously reserved, to another passenger who meets the requirements
  • The CESS shall be collected on choice seats of the economy section on all PAL operated flights.
  • Only ticketed PNR/s (passenger name record) will be accommodated and will qualify to avail of the CESS
  • CESS must be assessed/collected at the time the request is made and confirmed in the system. However for exit row seats, even if paid, passenger will still be subject to screening by our check-in agents if he/she is qualified to be seated in the exit row. This is in compliance with the Philippine Civil Air Regulations. Reservations should also ensure that passenger is aware that seat is subject to release to other passengers especially during full flights.
  • A passenger who reserved a choice economy seat must arrive at the check-in counter to claim the same no later than one (1) hour prior to the Estimated Time of Departure (ETD) otherwise the reserved choice seat shall be cancelled and PAL shall have the right to release the same to other passengers who are willing to avail and pay the CESS
  • Choice economy seats can be purchased on board on PR flights
  • CESS is not transferrable
  • In cases of rebooking, passenger will need to coordinate with PAL, and will not be automatically be reserved the same seat.
    Note: Rebooking shall only take place during flight cancellations and disruptions at the airport wherein the passenger does not want to push through with his/her flight.
  • If a passenger is unable to use the choice seats for reasons within the control of PAL, he shall be entitled to the outright refund of the CESS for cash payments. For credit card payments, a refund application should be made with PAL's Refund Section. Refund based on credit card payments shall be made by crediting back the amount to the card account used to pay the CESS. All refund application for CESS must be made within thirty (30) days from the original estimated time of departure otherwise the same shall be deemed forfeited
  • Only the passenger carrying the infant shall be exempted from the CESS and children below 12 years old who is part of the travelling party
  • PAL reserves the right to refuse the seating accommodation reserved or purchased and either reassign him to another choice seat or refund the CESS as the case may be if the seat as specifically selected by the passenger becomes unavailable due to change of aircraft, government requisition of space, the seat is released pursuant to priority seating for passengers with disability or the passenger cannot comply with FAA requirements for exit row seats
  • A person with a disability cannot be assigned to a bulkhead seat when the bulkhead row is also an exit row if it will be against safety to assign him such seat apart from the FAA requirement on exit row seating
  • PAL reserves the right to deny seating on the exit row should it have any doubt on the passenger’s fitness, without prejudice to refund of the CESS paid


The following passengers are exempted from the CESS:

  1. Adult with infant (first adult only) and children below 12 years old who is part of the travelling party
  2. Mabuhay Million Milers
  3. For a person with a disability (and one travelling companion) traveling with a service animal, PAL will provide, as the passenger requests, either a bulkhead seat or a seat other than a bulkhead seat in the same class of service.
  4. For a person with a disability with a fused or immobilized leg, PAL will provide a bulkhead seat or other seat that provides greater legroom than other seats, on the same class of service and on the side of an aisle that better accommodates the passenger’s disability.
  5. Other cases requiring special handling. Selected seats may be reassigned to passengers with certain categories of disability.


Refund Policy

  1. No refund for no-show
  2. No refund for voluntary changes and cancellation
  3. Outright refund for aircraft changes for cash payments. For credit card payments, such should be submitted to Refunds Section for refund processing



  1. For B777 aircraft, the entire row 31 will not be blocked for CESS (will be controlled by the airport) and will not be offered at point of reservations and ticketing as these seats are reserved for wheelchair passengers. However, such will be offered at the airport when there are no wheelchair passengers, and will be assessed the corresponding CESS.
  2. For RP-C7475 rows 28-30 ABC, such will not be offered as CESS on the MNL to US sector as these seats are being used as cabin crew rest seats.
  3. For A320 RP-C3221/23 Row 9 and A320 RP-C8604-20 Row 10, such will not be sold as CESS as these seats have limited recline/not reclinable.
  4. Emergency Exit Seats 10A, 10F (A319); 10-11A, 10-11F (A320); 41B, 61A, 73C (A321) must be assigned with able-bodied personnel, should these seats be empty, Cabin Crews may assign these seats to able-bodied volunteer passenger, CESS will be waived.