Offline Payments (Payment Centers)


Payment Centers are our accredited partners which provide the passengers the convenience of paying their online flight bookings in cash basis only. Through Payment Centers, paying for your travel becomes easier and more convenient even without a credit card.




1. Can I book online or through Contact Centers?


Yes. You can reserve online through or make a booking through our Contact Center at (02) 855-8888.


2. If I want to book online, but payment is to be made through Payment Centers,
     can I reserve for today's flight?


No. You can only reserve for flights departing more than two (2) days from the booking date if you wish to pay through Payment Centers.


* Date of booking: October 1, 2013
* Applicable flights: October 4, 2013 and onwards


3. What are the applicable flights and fares?


All Domestic and International Philippine Airlines flights originating from the Philippines are applicable. However, International Code Share flights operated by PAL’s Airline Partners are restricted in this payment option. Click here to see PAL Codeshare flights.


All fare types are also applicable in this option. Please note that Domestic flights will be quoted in Philippine Peso (PHP) and International flights will be in US Dollars (USD).



4. Are discounts applicable?


No discounts will be applied.





5. If I made a reservation online but did not pay it through the Web,
     where can I settle the payment of my reservation?


You may pay your online reservations thru our Payment Centers, Ticket Offices and Contact Center.


For Payment Centers, it can only accept cash payments. Kindly take note of the 16-digit numeric “Payment Center Code” and quoted amount/currency reflected on the confirmation page. Please note that only selected Payment Centers accept USD payments.


For Ticket Offices, please take note of the 6-digit “Airline Code”.


Note: Book and Hold transaction is not applicable for payment in San Francisco and Los Angeles California offices.

In the event you changed your mind and wish to pay using your credit card, you may also call our reservations hotline: +632 855-8888 for the processing of your payment.


6. Can I pay in Philippine Peso (PHP) for my international bookings?


Passenger should pay in US Dollars (USD) for their international booking as reflected on the confirmation page. Passenger must be advised to secure USD currency on hand since not all Payment Centers offer foreign exchange (forex) services. 

However, bookings originally made through our Contact Center can pay their reservations quoted in Philippine Peso (Php).



7. What are the accredited Payment Centers?


     a. NON-BANK partners that accept cash payment for DOMESTIC bookings in PHP currency:

          1. SM Business Service Center

          2. SM Department Store

          3. Selected SM Supermarkets

          4. Selected SM Hypermarket

          5. Selected Save More Branches

          6. Selected Watsons Personal Cares Stores

          7. Selected Waltermart Malls


    b. BANK partners that accept cash payments for DOMESTIC bookings in PHP currency and

        INTERNATIONAL bookings in USD currency       


8. Is there an extra charge for this type of service?


None. Only the total amount quoted online shall be paid at the time of settlement. However, some of our accredited payment partners may charge additional service fee.


9. Do accredited Payment Centers accept Debit Cards, ATM Cards,
     Credit Cards and Check as payment?


No. Payment Centers only accept CASH payments.


10. How long do I have to pay for my booking?


Reservations on Domestic and International flights originating from the Philippines must be settled until 11:45PM of the same day the booking was requested.

Acceptance of payment is still dependent on the operating hours of Payment Centers.


All expired reservations will be cancelled. You must create another reservation, and will be subject to fare availability.


11. What will happen to my reservation if I wasn't able to pay within the deadline?


Your reservation will expire and your itinerary will be cancelled. You must go through the process of booking again.


Due to the limited availability of promo fares, we strongly recommend that payments should be settled as soon as possible to guarantee your desired flight, fares and rates.


12. What will I do if I was not able to take note of my 16-digit reference number?


You may call our reservations hotline at (632) 855-8888 for assistance.


13. Can I send someone to pay for my reservations?


Yes. As long as the correct reference number is presented and total amount due is paid within the specified time period/ deadline.


14. I don't have any booking yet, can I book and buy my ticket in any payment centers?


Payment Centers generally do not offer booking services, and can only process payments. However, there are some of Payment Centers who accept creation of reservations, but with additional deregulated service fee.


15. Can I create last minute changes in my booking?


You cannot change your booking prior to payment in our payment partners. If you wish to change your booking prior to payment, you may proceed directly to our ticket offices.


16. Can I rebook/refund the ticket/s to any payment partners?


No. You may call our reservations hotline or visit our ticket offices for your rebooking and/or refund requests.





17. When will I receive my E-ticket after I have paid my reservation?


E-ticket / Itinerary receipt will be sent to your email within 24-hours after your payment has been posted.


18. What if I did not receive the E-ticket/Itinerary Receipt?


You may call our reservations hotline for verification after 24-hrs that the payment has been posted.


19. How can I obtain an official receipt for bookings that I've purchased through
      accredited payment partners?


An electronic receipt will be sent to your email as soon as your payment has been posted.




20. After I purchased my ticket thru payment center. Can I check-in online?

Yes. For more information about Web Check-in, Click Here.