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  1. What does this online feature do?

    Manage Booking feature enables PAL passengers with existing tickets to make flight adjustments such as rescheduling and rerouting of previously booked/ ticketed PAL tickets on their own from

  2. What are the benefits of the Manage Booking service?

    Aside from calling the hotline or visiting the nearest ticket office, PAL passenger can now easily adjust their flight arrangements from this website at their convenience anytime, anywhere as long as they have a stable Internet connection and a computer, laptop and selected smartphones. 

  3. What type of tickets can I reschedule/reroute using Manage Booking?

    Only purely domestic oneway and roundtrip tickets issued on PAL website ( and paid thru Payment Center from December 04, 2013 onward can be changed using the Manage Booking feature.   Currently, partially used tickets cannot be supported (e.g. MNL-CEB:  USED but CEB-MNL: OK) 

  4. What can I change using Manage Booking?

    PAL passenger can change flight date, time, origin/destination, and contact information. You can also add/purchase ancillary items such as seats and travel insurance. Currently, adding/purchasing of prepaid baggage is not supported.   

  5. Until when can I make flight adjustments using the Manage Booking feature?

    The system will only accept flight exchanges or rerouting from the website until 24 hours prior to your flight’s estimated time of departure for tickets issued December 04, 2013 onward. 

    Kindly contact our hotline at (+632) 855-8888 or visit PAL Ticket Office nearest you to facilitate your ticket rebooking if you would like to make adjustments less than 24 hours from your departure and/or for tickets issued before December 04, 2013. 

  6. What do I need to know when I manage my flights?

    PAL passengers with online purchased tickets to be rescheduled or rerouted must have the following:
    • Last Name of Passenger
    • Confirmation/ Reservation Number

    You must also have a valid credit card or Bancnet ATM ready to settle any applicable charges for your new PAL flight schedule or route. 

  7. Can I also manage/ exchange ancillary services I purchased with my PAL ticket such as prepaid seats, prepaid baggage or travel insurance?

    Prepaid baggage and seats, are non-refundable and non-rebookable. Changes in your itinerary will forfeit pre-arranged seats and/or baggage. 

    For travel insurance, you may contact Chartis Philippines Insurance, Inc. at (+632) 855-9000 if you are changing your date of travel or duration. 

  8. How can I pay applicable fees for my adjusted PAL ticket, which was facilitated through the Manage Booking feature?

    Kindly use a valid credit card and Bancnet ATM when paying applicable fees to complete your online Manage Booking transaction. 

  9. I do not have a credit card. Is there another way for me to make flight adjustments on schedule and rerouting?

    Rebooking through manage booking requires credit cards (Visa, Master, JCB, American Express) and ATM (Bancnet) to finalize changes. For cash transaction, kindly contact our hotline at (+632) 855-8888 or PAL Ticket Office nearest you to facilitate your ticket rebooking. 

  10. I booked a ticket online for myself and my child. Can I rebook my ticket only and cancel ticket for my child?

    Changes must apply to all passengers including infant. Currently, cancellation/refund is not supported. 


  12. What change requests that are not supported by Manage Booking feature?

    The following bookings cannot be supported by this feature: (1) made other than PAL website; (2) multi-city/Open Jaw e.g. MNL-CEB-ILO / MNL-ILO BCD-MNL; (3) regional/international flights; (4) split/divide passengers; (5) one of the sectors are flown; (6) cancellation and refund.

    For further inquiries and assistance, please call our hotline numbers:


    Manila, Philippines (24 hours) 
    Tel : (632) 855-8888

    For USA and Canada: 
    1-800-I-FLY-PAL or 1-800-4-359-725 (24 hours)

    For Australia:


    For United Kingdom:
    00 800-0035-9725


    For United Arab Emirates:


    For Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: