Hero Dog Back Home


Kabang, the dog-hero who underwent surgery in the US, arrives at the NAIA from San Francisco on board Philippine Airlines flight PR105 today (June 8), accompanied by veterinarian Dr. Anton Lim. Kabang received special treatment from PAL to and from the US and will be flown back to her hometown in Zamboanga to be reunited with the family she saved back in December 2011.



KABANG – the dog hero

  • Kabang is a two-year-old mixed breed female dog from Zamboanga, owned by Rudy Bunggal.
  • She made news when in December 2011, she saved two children (daughter and niece of Bunggal) from an oncoming tricycle. The accident disfigured Kabang’s face – she lost her snout and upper jaw.
  • When the news of Kabang’s heroism reached the United States, Michael Foley, president & owner of Global Animal Transport, based in California, USA, offered on March 19, 2012 to bring Kabang to the US for reconstructive facial surgery at the University of California Veterinary Teaching Hospital.
  • The PAL Foundation assisted in preparing the documentary requirements for shipping a live dog. Kabang was escorted by two veterinarians – Dr. Anton Mari Lim and Dr. Edgardo Unson. Kabang’s owner, Bunggal, was not able to go for lack of a passport.
  • Kabang flew to Los Angeles on October 8, 2012 on board PR102.
  • After seven months of treatment, PAL flew Kabang back to Manila arriving on June 8, 2013 on board PR105 from San Francisco, accompanied by Dr. Anton Mari Lim.
  • From Manila, Kabang will be flown by PAL back to Zamboanga.
  • PAL gave its full support to Kabang, ensuring that she received proper medical attention in the US as well on her return to her hometown in Zamboanga.