14 July 2010
PAL planes to start returning to Manila

The recovery of PAL airplanes that were evacuated or held last night at various provincial and international airports will start with the return to Manila of a flight from Bacolod at 8:40 this morning with the expected improvement in weather when typhoon Basyang begins to leave the country.

The flight from Bacolod will be followed by 15 other flights coming from Zamboanga (2 flights), Kalibo, Puerto Princesa, two more flights from Bacolod, Cebu, Iloilo (2 flights), Hong Kong (2 flights), Incheon/Seoul, Davao (2 flights) and Singapore.

Return of the evacuated aircraft will enable PAL to operate other scheduled flights for today (July 14) although with slight delays. Passengers booked on today's flights should first check for schedule updates from the PAL hotline – 855-8888 – before going to the NAIA Terminal 2 to avoid congestion at the airport.

The 16 PAL airplanes that were evacuated or held overnight at seven domestic and three international stations to escape typhoon Basyang's strong winds, carried passengers that were affected by last night's flight cancellations.

A total of 40 departing and arriving flights scheduled early this morning were cancelled as most PAL airplanes stayed away from Manila.

Cancelled were 16 round trip and six one-way domestic flights. A flight to Hong Kong (PR300/301) was also cancelled.

The cancelled domestic flights are those bound for – Davao (4 flights), Cebu (2), Bacolod (2), Cagayan de Oro (2), Iloilo (2), Tagbilaran (2), Tacloban (1), Dumaguete (1), Zamboanga (1), Legazpi (1), General Santos (1) and Puerto Princesa (1). Also cancelled were two arriving flights from Cebu and Bacolod.

Flights coming from the US will be arriving according to schedule.

Last night, PAL evacuated three aircraft to Davao and Iloilo and held 14 others at seven domestic and three international points.

Yesterday morning, PAL diverted six flights – including two international arrivals – to Clark and one flight to Iloilo due to poor visibility at the NAIA. The diverted flights were able to land at the NAIA when weather at the airport slightly improved in the afternoon.

Returning PAL flights 

Flight No./From/Estimated Time of Arrival Manila
PR1327 Bacolod 8:40 AM
PR1287 Zamboanga 9:10 AM
PR1267 Zamboanga 9:20 AM
PR3267 Kalibo 9:20 AM
PR1987 Puerto Princesa 9:30 AM
PR1367 Bacolod 9:40 AM
PR1607 Bacolod 10:00 AM
PR8647 Cebu 10:45 AM
PR142 Iloilo 11:15 AM
PR3077 Hong Kong 12:00 noon
PR1927 Cebu-Tacloban 12:00 noon
PR1407 Iloilo 1:15 PM 
PR4697 Incheon (Seoul) 1:25 PM
PR3117 Hong Kong 1:50 PM
PR8207 Davao 1:50 PM
PR812 Davao 2:10 PM
PR5127 Singapore 2:25 PM

Diverted flights to Cebu (awaiting Manila weather improvement) 
Flight No./Routing/Arrival Cebu
PR105 San Francisco-Manila 4:00 AM
PR117 Vancouver-Manila 4:25 AM
PR506 Singapore-Manila 4:44 AM
PR733 Bangkok-Manila 4:36 AM
PR103 Los Angeles-Manila 5:45 AM


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