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Forward Seats

For your easy and priority disembarkation, you can get Forward seats located in the front rows economy zone except exit rows or bulk head seats area which shall remain Choice Economy Seat. This will also ensure that families and groups are seated together.

These preferred forward seatings which are applicable for flights between USA/Canada & Manila and between Las Vegas & Vancouver may be reserved subject to applicable  Forward Economy Seat Surcharge (FESS)

  • B747-400 (RP-C7471/7474/7473/8168): 50 seats; seats 32 A to G , 37HJK and rows 33 to 36
  • B747-400(RP-C7475): 44 seats; seats 32-35ABC/32-35HJK; rows 36-37
  • B777-300 (RPC7777/776): 50 seats; rows 32 to 36
  • A340-300(RP-C3430/31/32/34): 48 seats; rows 32 to 37
  • A330-300(RP-C3330/31/32/33/35/36/37/3340): 46 seats; seats 32 D to K and rows 33 to 37
    Click here for SEAT MAP details 
When making your reservation, you may request for a forward seat.  If a reservation has already been made, you may likewise request for a forward seat by providing your Booking Reference Number.  This service is offered on the following flights, subject to availability and the following rates:
  • Between USA* and Manila - USD20
    * San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Honolulu
  • Between Vancouver and Manila - USD20/CAD20
  • Between Vancouver and Las Vegas - USD10/CAD10
  • Between Toronto and Manila - USD20/CAD20 (effective 01 October 2012, for travel30 November 2012

i. For passengers with seat assignments made or requested prior 01 JUNE 2012, for travel 16 JUNE
2012 onwards, such will be honored and FESS will not be assessed.
ii. For ticketed passengers traveling 16 JUNE 2012 onwards who will request for forward economy seat (FES) after 01 JUNE 2012, applicable charges shall be collected.
iii. Any previously assigned seat which was cancelled due to TKTL (ticketing time limit), seats will be
opened for sale.


Reservations, PAL ticket offices, Contact Center, PAL website, on-board/in-flight, airport

  • Above fees are on one-way basis
  • Reservations/contact center will accept Forward Economy Seat requests only
  • Available for purchase at PAL ticket offices, PAL website no later than 24 hours prior flight departure or earlier; airport upon check-in and on-board/in-flight
  • Forward Economy Seats shall be opened up to 24 hours prior flight departure except for CES seats which shall follow current guidelines. Passenger must pay as soon as confirmation of FES or no later than two (2) hour/s prior flight departure
  • Only ticketed PNR/s (passenger name record) will be accommodated and will qualify to avail of the Forward Economy Seat
  • Airport shall issue official receipt (OR)
  • FESS even if paid will be released 1 hour prior flight departure. FESS shall be refunded if the passenger checks in less than 1 hour
  • FESS is not transferable
  • Cut off time for airport to release the FES shall be one hour (1hour) before Estimated Time of Departure
  • In case of voluntary changes in flight e.g. rebooking, passenger will need to coordinate again with PR, and wil not be automatically reserved the same seat. However, the previously paid FESS maybe used by the passenger for the new flight schedule and need not pay for new FES fee
  • For check-through passengers, FESS shall be collected at the check-in at point of origin. If passenger is bumped off on the connecting flight, refund FES fee
  • For involuntary FES displacement due to PR related reasons (i.e change aircraft, flight delays, cancellations) refund of the FES fee maybe made following the standard refund procedure depending on the applicable Form of Payment
The following passengers are exempted from the FESS:
  1. Million Milers
  2. Passengers with disability
  3. Other cases requiring special handling, current airport procedures to apply
Refund Policy:
  1. No refund for no-show.
  2. No refund for voluntary cancellation and involuntary upgrade.
  3. Outright refund for aircraft changes, flight disruptions or cancellations for cash payments. For credit card payments, existing refund procedure shall apply.