Terms and Conditions

Binding Effect 

These Terms and Conditions shall be binding on all persons named in the booking in spite of the fact that only one person made the booking on behalf of all others.



Definition of Terms

The following definitions shall apply to the word or phrases used in this Terms and Conditions and in the Swingaround rate sheet/brochure:


DTP Agents - These are agents that have a ticketing contract with PAL under PAL’s Domestic Ticketing Program (DTP).


Hotel/Resort/Tour Operator - Hotel or Resort or Tour Operator are entities that provide Land Arrangements and who have separate terms and conditions for their services.


Land Arrangements - Consists of the hotel/resort accommodation, which may include transfers, tour options and all other services provided by the hotel/resort/tour operator except only air transportation services.


Room Occupancy - Refers to the type of room occupancy that can be availed of from each of the hotel/resort operators included in the package.  This can be:


a) Single Occupancy  -  applies to one adult occupying a room by himself/herself. 
b) Twin Occupancy  -  applies to one person sharing a room with another person. 
c) Extra Bed  -  applies to a third person sharing a room with two other persons. (Only one Extra Bed per room will be provided unless otherwise specified.)


Electronic Ticket Receipt (Passenger Itinerary) - The document containing the agreed package that will be issued by PAL or its Call Center together with the ticket in order for a passenger to avail of the services of the hotel/resort operator.



Where to Buy 

Swingaround – Sales of Swingaround tour packages through travel agents are restricted to the country where the tour originates.




Prices may vary from time to time without prior notice.  Please check with PAL Reservations or Ticket Office before booking.


If the period of stay in a hotel covers two seasons with different price rates, the higher tour package price shall apply.


Prices exclude airport/security/government taxes and fees, fuel surcharges, travel insurance and fees and expenses for a personal nature, e.g., tips and porterage fees.  For packages to and from the U.S.(SFO, LAX, LAS, and GUM), prices are on an all-in basis excluding only fees and charges of a personal nature (travel insurance, porterage, etc).




Reservations should be made through PAL Reservations or Ticket Office at least seven (7) working days before departure date for individual travel.  However, for packages to and from theU.S., reservations should be made at least ten (10) working days before departure date.



Electronic Ticket Receipt (Passenger Itinerary) 

Upon payment of the Swingaround package, an Electronic Ticket Receipt (Passenger Itinerary) shall be issued.  The Electronic Ticket Receipt (Passenger Itinerary) must be surrendered to the Operator upon arrival at the destination. The Operator may not render service in the absence of an Electronic Ticket Receipt (Passenger Itinerary).



Changes In Ticket And Electronic Ticket Receipt (Passenger Itinerary)


Prior to scheduled departure:

1. Changes in the flight booking may be allowed only if it is intended to add an extra night either at the beginning or at the end of the existing Land Arrangements.  Changes in flight booking shall be subject to availability of space in the flight. 

2. Changes in the Electronic Ticket Receipt (Passenger Itinerary)/Land Arrangements may be allowed provided that the original dates of the Land Arrangements are not moved and provided further that such change should not cancel any of the Land Arrangements already availed of. Allowed changes may refer to additional passenger, additional optional tour, additional day or extra night either at the end or at the beginning of the original Land Arrangements which must be in conjunction with an approved flight rebooking, or to avail of other additional Land Arrangements. 

3. Any request for changes in the issued Ticket or Electronic Ticket Receipt (Passenger Itinerary), if allowed under the immediately preceding paragraph, shall be subject to the following conditions:

a) A passenger must go to the PAL Ticket Office or call PAL Reservations to request for the allowable changes. 
b) The request for change must be made at least four (4) working days prior to the scheduled departure.  Any changes requested less than four (4) working days prior to the date of departure shall not be allowed. 
c) A change in the flight schedule shall be subject to rebooking and/or re-issuance fees depending on the fare rules of the fare basis used in the ticket. 
d) Any change in the Land Arrangements will necessarily result in the re-issuance of the Electronic Ticket Receipt (Passenger Itinerary) and re-coordination with the Hotel Operator hence it will be subject to a penalty of USD30.00 for Swingaround per transaction. 


After the Scheduled Departure

No changes shall be allowed after the scheduled flight has departed.  The return flight may be rebooked subject to the Fare Conditions of the ticket.



CANCELLATION – for Swingaround tour packages to/from the U.S. only

When you book and ticket a reservation directly at PAL, throughwww.philippineairlines.com, at PAL call centers or ticket offices, we will allow you to cancel the ticketed reservation without penalty, and receive a one hundred percent (100%) refund if you cancel the reservation within twenty-four (24) hours of purchase, provided the purchase is made seven (7) days or more prior to the scheduled flight departure.




Swingaround package is non-refundable.



Adjustments In Schedule

If for one reason or another there will be an adjustment of the flight schedule initiated by PAL, PAL shall endeavor to notify the passenger of such adjustments and make arrangements for a similar or comparable flight schedule and/or Land Arrangements, if applicable.  Similar or Comparable Land Arrangements shall mean arrangements of substantially the same or equivalent value.  In case no Similar or Comparable Land Arrangements is available or even if available the passengers will not be able to agree or accommodate the adjustments, PAL’s obligation shall only be to refund the amount corresponding to the services not availed by the passenger.    PAL shall not be liable for any failure by hotel/resort/tour operator to provide the services including any other actual, incidental or consequential expenses, costs or damages of whatever nature in relation to such failure or schedule adjustments.



Mabuhay Miles

Mabuhay Miles Members may earn Miles for flown tickets issued in connection with tour packages subject to the terms and conditions under the Mabuhay Miles program.



Hotel/Resort/Tour Operator's Terms and Conditions

Passengers must comply with the terms and conditions of the hotel, resort, tour operator, land and sea transport operator, helicopter transport operator, and others engaged in carrying out the tour services (hereinafter referred to as Operator) and shall personally negotiate and be accountable for other arrangements not covered by the Electronic Ticket Receipt (Passenger Itinerary).



Disclaimer and Liabilities


a) Liabilities


PAL, its directors, officers, employees or representatives, agents, insurers, reinsurers, underwriters and other parties in interest shall not be responsible nor be held liable for any and all claims, demands, suits, actions, or proceedings whatsoever for any and all damage, loss, injury, death, accident or liability, actual or contingent, caused to the passenger or his/her property arising out of, or attributable to, circumstances while in transit not on board PAL's aircraft or to the action, inaction, misconduct or negligence of the hotel, resort, tour operator, land and sea transport operator of whatever kind or nature, helicopter transport operator, and others engaged in carrying out the tour services, including but not limited to delays and alterations made in the program or changes in quoted rates.


b)     Cancellation of Flight and Refusal to Carry or Board

PAL may cancel the journey or passage or refuse to carry or load any person or baggage whenever such action is necessary under the applicable government regulations or whenever such action is necessary by reason of weather conditions or other fortuitous events or other reasons beyond the control of PAL.

c)      Passenger’s Non-Compliance 

PAL shall not be liable under any circumstances for any of the expenses, damages or losses incurred or sustained by any passenger which arise from, or as a result of, or are in any way connected with the failure of the passenger to take the flight due to the passenger's non-compliance with airline check-in and boarding procedures and passport, visa and health requirements of the countries of destination.


It is the passenger's sole responsibility to ensure that he/she complies with all the passport, visa and health requirements of the country(ies) that he/she intends to visit or transit in.  PAL cannot be made liable for any delay and costs incurred as a result of the passenger's failure to meet these requirements.


d)     Room Type


Prices are based on first category rooms unless otherwise stated.  The standard of accommodation and other services may vary in different destinations. PAL does not guarantee the standard, class, or fitness of the accommodation or service to be provided.


Special requests such as room location, a particular view, etc. are not guaranteed and do not form part of the passenger's booking with PAL.



Terms And Conditions Governing Air Transportation

To the extent not in conflict with the foregoing, air transportation services performed by PAL are subject to:


a) Provisions contained in the Ticket and the Electronic Ticket Receipt (Passenger Itinerary) provided however that in case of conflict between the applicable fare rules of the ticket and these Terms and Conditions the latter shall govern and apply and the ticket fare rules are considered effectively modified;


b) Applicable PAL tariffs;


c) PAL's General Conditions of Carriage and related regulations which are made part hereof and can be downloaded at www.philippineairlines.com or may be inspected upon request at the offices of PAL.



Governing Law And Jurisdiction

This Terms and Conditions shall be governed and construed in accordance with Philippine laws.  Any claim or dispute arising from these Terms and Conditions shall be properly filed in the proper courts ofMakati City,Philippines, to the exclusion of all other courts.



Accuracy of Information

The information contained herein is accurate and complete as of the time of posting on www.philippineairlines.com. However, PAL reserves the right to amend or revise these Terms and Conditions from time to time. As such, while PAL makes all reasonable efforts to promptly update the information contained herein as soon as such amendments or revisions are made, no warranty (whether express or implied) is made as to the accuracy, timeliness, reliability or completeness of these Terms and Conditions. Passengers may contact PAL Reservations or visit their local PAL Ticket Office to obtain the most up-to-date version of these Terms and Conditions.