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A mother’s sacrifice rewarded

By Marinella Mae Hernandez

Jeerose Solinap, 27, a mother of two, left her children in Iloilo to find a job in Manila so she can support their ‘special’ needs.

Jeerose landed a job as a security guard in Pasay City. Her husband, JM, got employed as a utility person in Makati. Jeerose made the sacrifice to live away from her children so that she could help her husband provide for the medical needs of their two sons.

Jeerose’s firstborn, Armand, seven years old, is a special child. He is a late bloomer. There is a delay in his mental and physical development. Her youngest son, Myco, four years old, suffers from G6PD deficiency, a disease caused by insufficiency of the enzyme glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, or G6PD, which helps red blood cells (RBCs) to function normally. This deficiency can cause hemolytic anemia, usually after exposure to certain medications, foods, or even infections.

For Jeerose, two years away from her kids seems like ages. “Hindi na ako nakauwi mula nung nag-umpisa ako mag work sa Manila noong 2016. Tumatawag lang ako sa father at sister ko na nag-aalaga sa mga anak ko. Hindi ko nakakausap ang mga anak ko kasi hindi pa sila masyado makapag-salita. Mahirap sa kalooban pero kailangan tiisin. Araw-araw naiisip ko sila at pinagdarasal ko na sana magkasama kami sa susunod na mga araw.”

The separation from her sons is twice as difficult for Jeerose because she is not able to personally attend to their day to day medical needs. Armand needs to go to the doctor every three months. He needs to take maintenance medicines for seizures. Fortunately, she has a loving father and sister to take over her role.

Every single day is a sacrifice for her. But faith and hope keep her going.

Until one day last May, Jeerose got the surprise of her life. She and JM were given a chance to be with their children on Mothers’ Day.

Mabuhay Miles, in partnership with Philippine Airlines Foundation, gave the couple free PAL tickets to Iloilo to visit Armand and Myco. Jeerose and her husband were also treated to a weekend getaway in Tagaytay where they enjoyed a romantic dinner, spa and tour of scenic views of the ridge at the Taal Vista Hotel.

“When I learned of Jeerose’s life situation, I was touched. I believe she is an inspiration to other mothers. She made a deep sacrifice for her family especially her children. She deserves a beautiful gift this Mothers’ Day,” says PAL President and COO Jaime J. Bautista referring to the surprise homecoming.

After the Tagaytay tour, the couple headed for the airport early the following morning for their much-awaited flight to Iloilo.

On board the flight, euphoria and anticipation clearly showed on the faces of Jeerose and JM. They couldn’t wait to see their two little boys. When they reached their home in Iloilo, Jeerose hurriedly got off the van and ran to her two boys. She could not stop hugging and kissing them. Hers was the face of a fulfilled mother. The children may not be able to clearly express their joy, but their eyes glowed at the sight of their mother and the warmth of her embrace. A sight and an embrace they had surely been longing for, every day for two years.

The couple stayed with the kids for one week. They attended to their medical needs and cherished every moment they were together.

It was a week of overflowing joy for a mother whose sacrifices were rewarded by her strong will and faith. 

 Jeerose and husband JM with sons Myco (4 years old) and Armand (7 years old) pose for a picture after their much-awaited reunion.