Travel Advisory

Hong Kong Government Prohibits Carriage of Devices considered 'Arms'

29 May 2019

Please be advised that all passengers transiting or entering Hong Kong are prohibited from carrying, in their check-in luggage and hand-carry bags, the following devices considered "arms" by the Firearms & Ammunition Office of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region: 

  • stun guns
  • extendible batons
  • pepper spray
  • tear gas
  • bullets
  • flick knives
  • knuckle dusters 

These devices are restricted unless appropriate licenses are presented upon entry in Hong Kong. 

All hand-carried and checked-in luggage of passengers transiting or entering Hong Kong are subjected to security screening at the airport terminals.

The unlicensed possession of these restricted items is punishable by a fine of HK$100,000.00 and a maximum sentence of fourteen (14) years' imprisonment.

PAL has put in place appropriate signs at the check-in counters and boarding gates to help ensure passenger awareness. Please comply with this existing ordinance, as advised by the Philippine Consulate General and the concerned authorities in Hong Kong SAR.

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