Alternative Payment Method

Pay over the counter or at any partner establishments at your convenience for bookings you made through our website.

What is an Alternative Payment Method?
It is a local-currency alternative payment  that allows customers to pay for online booking transactions without using  credit or debit card. Instead, the customer uses his online banking facility or pay cash over-the counter various payment collection points which include kiosks, ATMs, counters of our payment partners across South East Asia. Customer can also pay using online direct debit, mobile banking and internet banking.

What are the types of Alternative Payment Methods?
There are two (2) types of Alternative Payment Methods: 

1. Online Alternative Payment Method


In an Online Alternative Payment Method, the customer will be redirected to a page which will prompt him to log in to his/her online or mobile bank account.

What information do I need to provide to use Online Alternative Payment Method?
You will need to provide your online or internet banking account log-in credentials.

Do I need an online banking account to pay using Online Alternative Payment Method?
Yes, you will need an online banking account.

What if I do not have an online banking account, can I still pay using Alternative Payment Method?
Yes, you can still pay using the Offline Alternative Payment Method. Refer to Part 2 of this FAQ.

Why am I getting a timeout response?
Your internet connection may have a problem or the bank host is temporarily down.

What can I do if my payment using Online Alternative Payment Method failed?
You may try paying again through the same or different Alternative Payment Method. This payment method only allows a maximum of three (3) failed attempts.   

What happens if payment fails after the third attempt? 

You will be required to pay through an Offline Alternative Payment Method (Refer to Item number 2 below ) or any of PAL’s ticket offices. 

In what currency will I be charged?
You will be charged in the local currency of your bank account. 

What do I need to do when I get a timeout response?
If you get a timeout response, please contact your bank directly for more information.

2. Offline Alternative Payment Method

For Offline Alternative Payment Method, customer will receive an email containing the payment slip and instructions for over the counter, i-banking, ATMs and Kiosk payment.


Internet banking, iBanking, Online banking, e-banking or virtual banking. This is an electronic payment system that enables customers of a bank or other financial institution to conduct a range of transactions through the bank’s website.


Also known as over-the-counter payment where customers can settle their transactions/purchases thru payment channels and bank partners by means of cash payment.


This is where customers pay  for their transactions using an  Automated Teller Machine (ATM).

What should I do if Payment Center cannot scan the barcode shown on my payment slip?
If the barcode on the payment slip cannot be scanned, you can still pay using the Payment Reference Number reflected on the payment slip.

When is the deadline to pay my online transaction?
You may pay until 11:45PM (local GMT) of the day following your online booking transaction. Failure to pay within the said period shall result to the cancellation of your booking.

How will I be charged for Offline Alternative Payment Method?
You will be charged via direct debit to your bank account or by cash.

How will I know if my transaction was processed?
As a confirmation that your transaction and payment have been completed, you will receive your itinerary receipt through the email address you provided during your online booking transaction. 

Can I pay using Alternative Payment Methods at PAL Ticket Offices?
No. Alternative Payment Methods are only accepted on the PAL website and at the listed payment partners above.

Can I pay excess baggage fees at the airport using Alternative Payment Methods?
No.  Alternative Payment Methods are available only for web or online booking transactions.

What should I do if I have a problem using online or offline Alternative Payment Method?
You may send an email to onlinebooking@philippineairlines.com or call PAL reservations at (+632) 8855-8888.

How can I file for a refund if I used Alternative Payment Method?
For refund, you may proceed to the PAL ticket office near you.