Boracay Opening

Is Boracay now open to the public?
Yes. Boracay Island will be open to the public on October 26, 2018, but tourism will be highly regulated. The Philippine Civil Aeronautics Board (PCAB) issued an advisory this month that a visitor must have  prior confirmed bookings only with accredited hotels or resorts who have met environmental requirements set by government in order to enter Boracay island.
The Department of Tourism will be setting up a verification booth at the Caticlan Airport and the Kalibo International Airport.

Are all hotels / resorts operational in the island?
No, not all hotels are operational in Boracay. According to the PCAB Advisory, only the compliant hotels / resorts in the island will be allowed to operate. As of October 10, 2018, only 23 non-gambling establishments are open. 2,063 rooms are compliant to be occupied by a maximum of 6,405 tourists per day.

How would I know if the hotel / resort that I booked is accredited? 
The list of accredited hotels or resorts can be found in the website of the Department of Tourism, (www.tourism.gov.ph) as well as the official twitter account of the Department of Tourism (@TourismPHL).

Can I book a flight before booking a hotel / resort in Boracay?
According to the PCAB Advisory, tourists “without prior bookings at accredited hotels… may not be allowed entry into the island.” We strongly suggest that all Boracay-bound tourists should have prior confirmed bookings with accredited hotels / resorts before booking their flights.

What will happen if I am not booked with an accredited hotel/resort? 
According to the PCAB Advisory, if you are unable to show a confirmed booking with an accredited hotel / resort, it is possible that you will not be allowed entry into the island. Denial of entry into the island due to lack of booking with an accredited hotel / resort is not covered by the Air Passenger Bill of Rights as it involves a booking outside the operation of the carrier.

Will day-trippers also be required to book with an accredited hotel/resort? 
Yes, passengers who will visit Boracay Island within one day are also required to present a bookings with an accredited hotel/resort.

Can I rebook, reroute, or ask for a refund for my ticket if I am refused entry due to a lack of booking with an accredited hotel / resort?  
Passengers whose flights to Kalibo (KLO) or Caticlan (MPH) were booked on or before October 26, 2018 may rebook, reroute, and refund their tickets without penalties. After October 26, 2018, rebooking, rerouting, or refunds shall be subject to fare rules and conditions, refund, rerouting and rebooking fees, and other applicable charges.

What will I do if I have a previous booking with a non-compliant hotel in Boracay?  
It is suggested that you communicate directly with the hotel / resort that you are booked in to make arrangements with them.