Electronic Ticketing

What is an Electronic Ticket?
An E-ticket is an electronic version of the paper ticket.  It is the record of a passenger’s flight information as stored in the airline's reservation system. An E-ticket allows a passenger to check in and board a flight by having an electronic copy of the ticket in their personal gadget.

How does an Electronic Ticket work?

An E-ticket carries the same basic information as a paper ticket.  It is an electronic record of the traveler's airline reservation, containing information such as the fare, time, date and place of the flight, airport, seat assignment and travel class. When a passenger books an itinerary and the booking is confirmed, the airline’s computer reservations system creates a unique alpha-numeric record locator (PNR) for the reservation to keep track of updates on the status of the reservation. An itinerary record (ITR) is then issued to provide the passenger detailed flight information and serve as certifiable proof of payment. 

Once the airline confirms the passenger’s information, it issues a boarding pass for the passenger to board the plane.  Passengers need only present a valid photo identification card to claim their seat on the aircraft.  

What should I do with my E-ticket?

The E-ticket Receipt (Itinerary Record) may be stored in your electronic gadget, or may also be printed to serve as reference.

What are the advantages of having an electronic ticket? 

The advantage of having an electronic ticket is it includes security, flexibility, cost and convenience as it provides an option to passengers to store the copy of his/her electronic ticket in his/her personal electronic gadget (mobile, laptop, etc.).

What are the details included in my E-ticket?

An e-ticket contains detailed flight information as follows:
  • ­ Electronic Ticket Number
  • ­ Carrier/Airline Logo
  • ­ Name of Passenger
  • ­ Passenger Name Record (PNR) or Record Locator
  • ­ Itinerary Details with flight date/time
  • ­ Name of the Marketing Carrier (airline recorded as the transporting carrier)
  • ­ Name of the Operating Carrier (airline actually providing carriage)
  • ­ Flight number(s)
  • ­ Date of flight(s)
  • ­ Flight departure time(s)
  • ­ Origin/Destination airport/city code(s) for each flight coupon
  • ­ Reservation status code
  • ­ Form of payment
  • ­ Issuance date
  • ­ Issuing Office - name and place of issue
  • ­ Ticket Validity
  • ­ Fare, tax(es)/fees/charge amounts and total amount of an E-ticket.
  • ­ Flight Coupon status
  • ­ Legal and Passenger Notices
  • ­ Check-in Remarks
  • ­ Endorsement/Restrictions
  • ­ Fare Rules and Conditions
  • ­ Baggage Allowance

Do I need to print my e-ticket?

Printing of e-tickets is optional. The E-ticket Receipt (Itinerary Record) may be stored in your electronic gadget, or may be printed out for reference.

Is the E-ticket the same as the boarding pass?

No. The E-ticket contains the passenger flight and payment details.  A boarding pass is to be issued after presenting your E-ticket at the airline check-in counter.

Is the E-ticket also my itinerary receipt?

No.  The E-ticket is the electronic version of a paper ticket stored in the airline' s reservation system.  An  Itinerary Receipt contains the passenger flight and payment details.