How much Baggage can I check in?

  • Your free baggage allowance varies according to your destination and/or the class you travel in. 

    Children are entitled to the same baggage allowance as adults. Check out our Baggage Allowance for further details

How much would I pay for excess baggage allowance?

  • Excess baggage rate depends on your destination. Click Domestic or USA/Canada/Guam and Other International Cities to view the rates. All excess baggage will be charged at the applicable local rates.


How much luggage can I bring on board? 

  • You are allowed to carry one piece of carry-on luggage small enough to be placed in the overhead rack or under the passenger seat of the aircraft cabin.The carry-on luggage should not exceed 45 in. or 115 cm. and weighing not more than 7 kgs. or 15 lbs.


How much liquid can I bring in my handcarry? 

  • Liquid, aerosols and gels (LAGs) in 100ml containers will be allowed in carry-on luggage. Click Packing Guidelines for details. 


What are your guidelines in bringing pets/animals? 

  • Varied rules and regulations on carriage of animals as baggage may apply for specific countries depending on restrictions imposed by local Government Authorities. Click Special Baggage for more information. 


Can I bring portable electronic devices on board? 

  • Electronic devices such as DVD players and MP3 players are accepted and can be used during the flight. However, for safety reasons, electronic equipment which transmit radio signals that interfere with the aircraft’s navigation system must never be used throughout the flight.