Guns and Ammunition

Carriage of Firearms and Other Weapons

Carriage of firearms by authorized and duly qualified persons are only accepted as checked baggage that is inaccessible to any unauthorized person during the flight when the following conditions below are met.  

All firearms accepted for carriage (properly packed in a case) must be:

(1) declared as unloaded and/or disabled by the passenger or appropriate authority; 
(2) checked-in and placed in a suitable container, for stowing in the cargo/baggage hold compartment; and  
(3) covered by special authorization in accordance with the laws of the States involved. It is the passenger's responsibility prior to travel to determine the required documentation specific to country of departure, destination, and transit if applicable. 

Ammunition (cartridges for weapons) must be securely packed in quantities less than 5kg (11 lbs) gross weight per passenger and must be carried as part of the check-in baggage.

Other weapons that are capable of discharging a projectile (e.g. harpoon guns, spear guns, etc) must be unloaded and placed in the checked baggage.

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