Human Remains

Transport of Ashes in Urns:

Ashes (in Urns) transported as hand carry luggage are allowed provided it is accompanied by:

  • A Death Certificate (or a true copy thereof
  • A Cremation Certificate


In some countries like USA, passengers may be required to have the ashes placed in a clear plastic bag (before placing in an Urn) so that the screening personnel will be able to examine this thru the x-ray machine. When transporting ashes out of the Philippines, secure a permit from the Bureau of Quarantine (at the South Harbor, Port Area in Manila; tel. no. 301-9104), prior to the date of departure.


Transport of human remains via cargo:

Advance arrangement must be made and shipper must provide the following documents:


  • Quarantine Certificate/Permit
  • Death Certificate
  • Embalming Certificate (if required by origin/destination) or Cremation Certificate, as the case may be.
  • Mortuary Certificate (certificate to the effect that the remains have been properly placed in prescribed container, casket or urn
  • Transit Permit (if applicable)
  • Consular Certificate


Not cremated remains must be contained in a hermetically-sealed wooden or metal casket, which must be packed in a coffin. An outer packaging of case (crate) must protect the coffin so that the nature of the content is not apparent. The outer packing should include lifting handles or fittings.


Cremated human remains must be shipped in funeral urns that are efficiently protected against breakage by a cushion in the packaging.