Refers to any Filipino citizen currently enrolled in a duly authorized elementary, secondary, technical-vocational, or higher education institution. The term does not include those enrolled in post graduate degree courses and informal short-term courses such as dancing, swimming, music, and driving lessons, and seminar-type courses.


  1. Duly issued school identification card (IDs); or
  2. Current validated enrollment form; and any one of the following:
  3. Birth Certificate;
  4. Baptismal Certificate:
  5. Latest School Records (Form 137);
  6. Naturalization Certificate; or
  7. Passport.

Any person who avails or attempts to avail of the privileges under Republic Act No. 11314 and/or CAB Resolution No. 05 (AR05-2019) through the use of falsified identification documents, fraud, or any form of misrepresentation shall be denied said privileges and may be subject to civil and penal liabilities provided by law.

Fare Application:

All Filipino students. The fare discount under this regulation shall be available during the entire period while the student is enrolled, including weekends and holidays. Provided, that, in a case where a promotional fare approved by the Civil Aeronautics Board is also offered by the airline, the student shall have the option to choose between the promotional fare and the regular fare less the discount provided under R.A. 11314.


A student shall be entitled to a twenty percent (20%) discount on the regular base fare of domestic flights operated by airlines upon personal presentation of the required documents on their purchase of tickets in airlines' organic ticketing offices located in the Philippines.