Special Seating Accommodation for Passengers with Disability


We are happy to assist you in choosing your preferred seats suitable to your needs for a more comfortable flying experience. We recommend you select your seats 24 hours in advance through our reservations hotline or at any PAL ticket office and inform our agents your seating specifications. Please note that the advance seat reservation is subject to availability. If you arrive at the airport without a seat assignment, Philippine Airlines will make every reasonable effort to provide you the best seat available..


Passengers entitled to special seating accommodations include:

  • Passenger who is unable to transfer over fixed armrests and requires aisle chairs to board the aircraft

  • Passenger with very limited or no mobility in the cabin

  • Passenger travelling with a service animal

  • Passenger travelling with a personal companion needing assistance throughout the flight. Companion will be provided an adjacent seat.

  • Passenger with developmental or intellectual disabilities

  • Blind or vision-impaired and hearing-impaired passenger

  • Passenger with a fused or immobilized leg

Passengers not included in the above list may avail of Choice Seats Extra Legroom (except exit row seats), Forward or Aisle immediately after booking on any sales channel or may opt a regular seat.


For additional service request, please fill out Disability Request.