Passengers with Nut Allergy

Passengers with Nut Allergy

PAL requires passengers with peanut or tree nut (almonds, cashews, etc.) allergy to give PAL advance notice at least 48 hours before the intended departure date.  Otherwise, PAL reserves the right to deny boarding due to safety reasons.    The passenger who fails to give the required 48-hour advance notice cannot be guaranteed a nut-free meal.  The passenger, may, at his/her option, choose to bring his/her own meal for the duration of the flight.   

The passenger is advised to take all necessary precautions to avoid and/or control the onset of allergies by bringing medications, medical mask or devices that might become necessary should a passenger incur an allergic reaction during the flight. PAL does not commit to, nor guarantee a total peanut/nut-free flight. 

PAL cannot guarantee an environment free of any allergen, including nuts, nut dust, nut oil or nut remnants.  In addition, PAL cannot give assurances that remnants of nuts and/or nut dust/oil will not remain on the aircraft floor, seats or tray tables from flights earlier in the aircraft’s routing. 

Products served on board, including meals, snack boxes and snack mixes may be processed or packaged in factories that produce peanut or other nut products. Peanuts, products made from peanut oil and other nuts may possibly be served on board.  

In addition, PAL has no control over other passengers who may bring peanuts and nuts, or other products containing peanuts and nuts on board our flights.  The foregoing notwithstanding, PAL reserves the right to deny boarding on the basis of safety. 

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For nut-free special meal requests, please provide prior notice by calling reservations no later than 48 hours before your intended departure date.