Service and emotional support dogs

Service and emotional support dogs
Service dogs accompanying a customer with disability is accepted on our domestic and international flights. Emotional support dogs will be allowed only for flights to and from the United States. 
Service and emotional support dogs must be trained to behave in a public setting. If an animal behaves poorly, it may be denied boarding.

NOTE: Philippine Airlines does not accept any other service or emotional support animal except for dogs. Passengers must provide Philippine Airlines an advance notice of at least 48 hours prior to flight departure.

Documentation requirements for emotional support dogs
Dogs used for a passenger's emotional support are accepted in the cabin. In order for a passenger to travel with an emotional support dog, the passenger must provide to current documentation (not more than one year old) on letterhead from a mental health professional or medical doctor who is treating the passenger's mental health-related disability stating:

  1. The Passenger has a mental or emotional disability recognized in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – Fourth Edition (DSM IV)
  2. The Passenger needs the emotional support of psychiatric service animal as an accommodation for air travel and/or for activity at the passenger's destination
  3. The individual providing the assessment is a licensed mental health professional or medical doctor, and the Passenger is under his or her professional care AND
  4. The date and type of mental health professional's or medical doctor's license and the state or other jurisdiction in which it was issued