PAL Codeshare Flights

To serve you better, Philippine Airlines is working on broadening its route network through Codesharing with select airlines, providing you with  more destinations worldwide. In addition to PAL's own operated flights, PAL offers these flight sectors operated by our Partner Airlines.

The Free Baggage Allowance (FBA) entitlement and Carry on Baggage on our Partner Airlines may vary from PAL's own Baggage Allowance.  Please check Baggage Information page for more details.


Airline Partners

Cebu - Hong Kong vv

Cathay Pacific

Manila - Bahrain vv

Gulf Air

Manila - Taipei vv

China Airlines

Manila - Bandar Seri Begawan vv

Royal Brunei Airlines

Honolulu - Lihue vv
Honolulu - Kona vv
Honolulu - Hilo vv
Honolulu - Kahului vv

Hawaiian Airlines

Vancouver - Calgary vv
Vancouver - Edmonton vv
Vancouver - Prince George vv
Vancouver - Winnipeg vv
Vancouver - Toronto vv
Vancouver - Kelowna vv
Vancouver - Victoria vv
Toronto - Ottawa vv
Toronto - Montreal vv
Toronto - Quebec vv
Toronto - Halifax vv


Manila - Kuala Lumpur vv
Kuala Lumpur - Kota Kinabalu vv
Kuala Lumpur - Alor Setar vv
Kuala Lumpur - Kota Bharu vv
Kuala Lumpur - Kuala Terengganu vv
Kuala Lumpur - Kuching vv
Kuala Lumpur - Labuan (Sabah) vv
Kuala Lumpur - Langkawi vv
Kuala Lumpur - Miri (Sarawak) vv
Kuala Lumpur - Penang vv
Kuala Lumpur - Sibu (Sarawak) vv
Kuala Lumpur - Tawau (Sabah) vv
Kuala Lumpur - Johor Bahru vv

Malaysia Airlines

Manila - Haneda vv
Manila - Narita vv
Haneda - Osaka Itami vv
Haneda - Iwakuni vv
Haneda - Miyazaki vv
Haneda - Kumamoto vv
Haneda - Kagoshima vv
Haneda - Nagasaki vv
Haneda - Sapporo vv
Haneda - Tokushima vv
Narita - Osaka Itami vv
Narita - Niigata
Narita - Sapporo vv
Fukuoka - Osaka Itami vv
Fukuoka - Miyazaki vv
Komatsu - Fukuoka
Sendai - Fukuoka
Fukuoka - Okinawa vv
Nagoya - Miyazaki vv
Nagoya - Sendai vv
Nagoya - Sapporo vv

All Nippon Airways

Manila - Xiamen vv
Manila - Jinjiang (Quanzhou) vv
Cebu - Xiamen vv

Xiamen Airlines

Manila - Istanbul vv

Turkish Airlines

PH Domestic Sectors

  PAL Express

Bangkok - Chiang Rai vv
Bangkok - Chiang Mai vv
Bangkok - Phuket vv
Bangkok - Krabi vv
Bangkok - Lampang vv
Bangkok - Trat vv
Bangkok - Sukhothai vv
Bangkok - Samui vv 

  Bangkok Airways

In Manila, International Codeshare Flights operated by PAL's Airline Partners arrive/depart at NAIA 1 or NAIA 3 while domestic codeshare flights operated by PAL Express arrive/depart at NAIA 2 and/or NAIA 3.