Dangerous Goods, Safety and Security Reminders
Restricted Use of Inflight Travel Accessories

For the safety and comfort of our passengers, Philippine Airlines prohibits the use of inflight travel accessories/ comfort devices/ travel gadgets including but not limited to the following: inflight beds, inflatable cubes, knee defenders which are either attached to aircraft seat, inserted between seats or blocks access to seat rows or aisles as these may:


  • Obstruct the access to emergency equipment
  • Obstruct the cooling/ventilation system which can cause overheat of seating components
  • Impede evacuation flow
  • Damage or can cause malfunction to aircraft systems and fixtures
  • Cause disturbance/discomfort to other pax




Note: To convert milliampere hour (mAh) to Wh, multiply mAh by volts and then divide by 1000 (Wh = (mAh × V) ÷ 1000).  mAh and volts specifications can be found on your battery or device.