Expectant mothers

Expectant Mothers

An expectant mother who is in normal health and with no pregnancy complications, shall normally be accepted without medical clearance after filling up the EMIS form.


Please visit the PAL Help Page and download the necessary form, located under the 'Special Handling' section. Once you have downloaded and completed the form, submit it according to the instructions provided on the page.


An expectant mother may be accepted for travel if she is not beyond 35 weeks (8 months and 3 weeks) pregnant under the following conditions:

  • Expectant Mothers Information Sheet (EMIS) Form Part 1 is properly accomplished
  • For those between the sixth and eighth month (24-32 weeks) of pregnancy. EMIS Form Part 2 is properly accomplished by their personal physician.  In addition, if expectant mother is below 21 years of age, the consent in writing of the husband, parent or guardian must be secured
  • Expectant mothers beyond 32 weeks of pregnancy, EMIS Part 3 must be accomplished by the Flight Surgeon or Company Physician who shall issue the clearance for travel

Clearance for air travel will be determined and indicated on the Expectant Mothers Information Sheet (EMIS) form. Expectant mothers need to fill up the EMIS form on a per flight basis. The maximum validity of an EMIS form is 7 days unless otherwise specified by the attending Physician/Flight Surgeon. The notation of the attending Physician/Flight Surgeon shall prevail.

Expectant Mothers Information Sheet (EMIS) is available at any PAL ticket office. The EMIS form can also be downloaded for your easy reference. Just click on the link provided at the right hand side of this page.