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Cargo Classification

In compliance with Republic Act No. 9337, an act amending the National Internal Revenue Code, a 12% VAT is added to the total amount on all transactions involving purely domestic services only.

Special Cargo

Commodities that require special or advance arrangement, packing, handling and in certain cases, documentation. Acceptance of these type of cargo are subject to specific regulations.

Samples Special Cargo:

  • Baggage and special effects that are treated with special care and stored at a special location. Perishables are shipments which are so labelled and are stored under specific temperature. Valuable Cargo are shipments with very high commercial value.
  • Restricted Articles or Dangerous Goods like inflammables, explosives, radioactive materials and corrosive substances like acids that may endanger the safe operations of the flight.
  • Livestock, Live Animals and Plants are shipment that need special attention and care.

General Cargo

All articles or materials that are not included in the list of Special Cargo are considered General Cargo or General Commodity.

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FAQ - What you need to know

What is the schedule of PAL cargo flights?
Cargo has the same flight schedule as published in the PR Timetable.  We can likewise cater to adhoc Charter requests should there be any for volume shipments which can fill an entire aircraft.
What are the requirements for sending live animals (i.e. pet dogs or cats)?

Please be guided that we currently have an embargo for accepting Brachycephalic dog breeds as Cargo on all PAL Flights
Kindly refer to our section on Live Animals for guidelines. Please read more for other breeds' requirements: 

For Domestic Flights
          - A quarantine permit from BAI (Bureau of Animal Industry)
          - A Veterinary Certificate
          - Animal to be placed in any kennel as long as the dog can move freely
          - Is at least 3 months of age

For International Flights
For Shipments to the US:
There is a temporary suspension of acceptance of Dogs from High-Risk Rabies Countries which includes the Philippines

For other country requirements, call Export Operations at 8851-2232
General requirements depend on the airport of destination
   Export declaration
   Health Certificate
   Customs Export Permit
   Permit from Bureau of Animal Industry
   Quarantine Permit
   Vet Certificate
   Vaccination booklet
   Be at least 4 months old
   Have rabies vaccination given after 3 months
   Any kennel size that can fit your dog/cat, as long as the dog/cat can freely move inside.

What are the requirements for sending Human Remains/Ash?
Please see below list of requirements

For Domestic Flights
-death certificate
-embalming/cremation certificate
-transfer permit
-quarantine certificate from Dept of Health
-coffin must be placed inside a wooden crate

For International Flights
-Export declaration
-consular mortuary
-death certificate
-fumigation certificate
-embalming/cremation certificate
What other special shipments will require quarantine permit from NMIS/BFAR/BPI?
Please see below list of commodities
- Live Tropical Fish
- Foodstuff
- Meat
- Live Plants
How can I book Live Animal shipments on a PAL Flight?
At least 24 hours before the scheduled flight, call our Cargo Reservations Hotline at 8855-8888 to check for ventilation of aircraft
What are the requirements to book a shipment?
Please provide the following:
Shipper's name
Contact no
Date of departure
Please note that for live shipments, bookings are accepted a day prior departure to check if flight has ventilation
Can I book Live Fowls/Birds directly with Cargo Reservations?
Live Fowls/Birds (AVIAN) shipments must be coursed thru an accredited agent/forwarder. You may contact Cargo Reservations at 8855888 to inquire.
How can I track my shipment?
You may access our Track and Trace via the Cargo Section of the PAL Website
Where is the cargo terminal of PAL?
The Manila Warehouse it is located in between NAIA Terminals 1 and 2.
How can I get an estimate for my shipment?
You may access our GET QUOTE via the Cargo Section of the PAL Website
What is the cut off time for sending cargo?

Cargo must be accepted 4 hours before a domestic flight and at least 6 hours before an international flight.